Press Releases
16 Sep 2014
On account of schemes initiated by the government for screening and treatment of diabetes, insulin consumption will increase further in China........more
15 Sep 2014
Long acting insulin is set to become the largest revenue generating segment in the insulin market in India........more
15 Sep 2014
Rising purchasing power of the population, government support for the healthcare sector and increasing diagnosis of the diabetic population will lead to rising consumption of insulin in the Asia Pacific region........more
11 Sep 2014
The Brazil nuclear power generation and equipment market is going to be driven by the upcoming planned nuclear power plants which are expected to be operational by 2030.......more
10 Sep 2014
One of the major attractions for the people migrating from the rural areas to the urban areas is the economic stability and reforms in place in the urban areas especially the new migrants........more
09 Sep 2014
Middle East region is self-sufficient in naphtha due to abundance in indigenous crude oil production. Naphtha exports in the region have soared at a CAGR of 7.4% during the review period 2007-2013........more
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