Press Releases
23 April 2014
The introduction of a harmonized list of health and nutritional claims by EFSA, applicable throughout the countries and other distinctive efforts put in by the governments are anticipated to strengthen the confidence of potential buyers........more
22 April 2014
There have been increasing activities in various countries of Latin American region in order to harmonize the rules and regulations regarding the manufacturing, marketing and importing of the nutraceuticals in different countries to facilitate cross-count.......more
16 April 2014
Increased competition amongst the mobile operators, declining ARPUs, new technology adoption by the mobile operators and introduction of 3G based applications will drive the mobile-VAS market in South Africa........more
16 April 2014
Transformation of Green Buildings from a niche to a major part of the Construction Sector in Malaysia through Government Support........more
15 April 2014
Companies have been attempting to strengthen their finances and technological strengths, resultant a larger number of partnerships and acquisitions........more
14 April 2014
The continuously rising consumption of FMCG in India will supplement the demand for PET preforms in the country........more
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