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Africa Country Benchmark Report (ACBR)

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The Africa Country Benchmark Report (ACBR) brings together and makes sense of a wide range of reputable African data across all key areas of interest and influence. This 750-page publication creates a holistic, fully informed picture of each African country, region and the continent as a whole, identifying the true benchmarks of the continent.

ACBR's consolidation of such a broad array of data-more than 30 international indexes and ranking systems, ranging from the World Bank's 'Ease of Doing Business' index to Freedom House's 'World Freedom Index', coupled with key indicators and statistics-and the interrogation and interpretation of that data, offers our readers the most comprehensive assessment of Africa's 54 states. ACBR combines quality data on Africa's business, economic, political and societal performances with informed,

insight-based writing, teamed with series of narrative infographics.

The ACBR is the definitive resource for understanding and realising Africa's potential.

Indices used

1. Transformation Index. 2. Democracy Index. 3. Democracy Ranking. 4. Ease of Doing Business. 5. Environmental Performance Index. 6. Freedom in the World. 7. Global Business Bribery Index. 8. Global Competitiveness Report. 9. Global Corruption Barometer. 10. Global Food Security Index. 11. Global Gender Gap Report. 12. Global Hunger Index. 13. Global Innovation Index. 14. Global Multidimensional Poverty Index. 15. Global Opportunity Index. 16. Global Peace Index. 17. Global Slavery Index. 18. Happy Planet Index. 19. Human Capital Index. 20. Human Development Index. 21. Human Freedom Index. 22. Index of Economic Freedom. 23. International Country Risk Guide. 24.Prosperity Index. 25. Measuring the Information Society Report. 26. Political Instability Index. 27. Political Terror Scale. 28. Press Freedom Index. 29. Resilience Index. 30. Social Progress Index. 31. State Fragility Index. 32. Web Index. 33. World Giving Index. 34. Worldwide Governance Indicators.

Political Statistics

1. Active Conflict 2. Land Size 3. National Governance 4. Number of Political Parties 5. Military Expenditure as % of GDP 6. Refugee Inflow 7. Number of Rights

Society Statistics

1. Dominant Religion 2. Dominant Language 3. Population without Electricity 4. Literacy Rate 5. Population Age Breakdown 6. Population Size 7. Population Growth Rate 8. Life Expectancy 9. HIV Prevalence 10. Sexuality Tolerance

Business Statistics

1. Primary Electricity Source 2. Internet Penetration 3. % of population in urban centres 4. Labour force 5. Industrial Production Growth Rate 6. Prime Lending Rate

Economic Statistics

1. Main import/export 2. External Debt 3. Largest Sectors by GDP 4. GDP per Capita 5. Unemployment Rate 6. Trade Bloc Membership 7. Inflation Rate


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