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UK SME Insurance: Competitor Dynamics 2017

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UK SME Insurance: Competitor Dynamics 2017


"UK SME Insurance: Competitor Dynamics 2017", looks at which insurers lead the way in the SME segment and how they are developing their propositions, as well as highlighting how competitor positions vary between micro, small, and medium enterprises. It examines which insurers are winning over brokers and which companies SMEs are placing their business with.

AXA and Aviva dominate the SME insurance space across the vast majority of the 16 commercial products listed in our 2017 UK SME Insurance Survey. Other insurers present in the market play to their strengths when servicing SMEs. Hiscox and Zurich are popular providers for liability products, while Allianz and Direct Line are strong in commercial motor. The main story from the 2017 results is of AXA's lead narrowing. While Aviva's share also fell, the margin in market shares between the two has reduced in the vast majority of the nine lines that AXA and Aviva place first and second respectively.


AXA and Aviva lead the SME insurance space, with 13.9% and 11.3% of SMEs respectively holding a commercial insurance policy with these providers.

AXA remains dominant across the 16 product lines, but Aviva is closing the gap.

Brokers place the most SME business with Allianz, Aviva, and AXA.

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Table Of Content


Table of Contents


1.1. AXA and Aviva continue to lead the market

1.2. Key findings

1.3. Critical success factors


2.1. Introduction

2.2. Allianz and Aviva continue to lead the way for brokers

2.3. Aviva's dominance in non-packaged insurance has been challenged

2.4. The increasing focus on cybercrime is an opportunity for insurers

2.4.1. Some insurers are looking to innovate to gain an edge in a tough market

2.5. The key players

2.5.1. AXA is looking into its commercial motor offering

2.5.2. Aviva revamps cyber cover

2.5.3. Allianz focuses on Brexit

2.5.4. Hiscox embraces technology

2.5.5. Zurich targets education

2.6. Technology is emerging in the market

2.6.1. New entrants are rare, but the Financial Conduct Authority sandbox is showing promise


3.1. AXA is the dominant insurer, but Aviva is closing the gap

3.1.1. Aviva performs well in commercial motor lines, while Allianz is popular with larger SMEs

3.1.2. Hiscox is popular in non-motor lines

3.1.3. Direct Line remains strong in motor lines

3.1.4. NFU Mutual is strong in niche commercial motor lines

4. NPS

4.1. Hiscox has the edge in customer satisfaction


5.1. Abbreviations and acronyms

5.2. SME

5.3. Methodology

5.3.1. GlobalData's 17 UK SME Insurance Survey

5.3.2. GlobalData's 17 UK Commercial Broker Survey

5.4. Bibliography

List Of Figure

List of Figures

Figure 1: Allianz continues to lead Aviva in terms of broker preference for packaged SME insurance

Figure 2: Aviva leads the way in non-packaged SME insurance

Figure 3: AXA leads the way in more than half of SME insurance lines

Figure 4: AXA remains the leading insurer, while Hiscox has overtaken Zurich

Figure 5: AXA leads the way for business interruption insurance

Figure 6: AXA still leads the way for directors and officers liability, but Aviva has closed the gap

Figure 7: Hiscox has climbed to third place in employers' liability, overtaking Allianz

Figure 8: Aviva has eaten into AXA's lead, with the top two remaining dominant in key man insurance

Figure 9: Aviva, Allianz, and Zurich have reduced AXA's lead in personal accident and business travel

Figure 10: Allianz has overtaken Zurich in property insurance

Figure 11: Hiscox is very competitive in the professional indemnity market

Figure 12: Little change has been witnessed among the top three public liability insurers

Figure 13: Despite AXA's gains, Bupa's lead in private medical remains substantial

Figure 14: Allianz and AA displaced AIG and Zurich in the cyber insurance top five

Figure 15: Aviva has pulled away from AXA in single car insurance

Figure 16: Aviva has drawn level with AXA in company car fleet insurance

Figure 17: AA entered the top three for single van insurance

Figure 18: Aviva leads van fleet insurance, with Admiral entering the top five

Figure 19: Aviva now leads in single coaches and farm vehicles insurance

Figure 20: NFU Mutual jumped to first place for fleet coaches and farm vehicles

Figure 21: Hiscox receives positive feedback from customers, while AXA is heavily criticized

Figure 22: AXA and Allianz are struggling to keep customers happy

List Of Table

List of Tables

Table 1: Market share of packaged SME insurance,

Table 2: Market share of non-packaged SME insurance,

Table 3: Full breakdown of the leading five insurers across all lines, 2017

Table 4: Top five insurers for business interruption insurance, 2017

Table 5: Top five insurers for directors and officers insurance, 2017

Table 6: Top five insurers for employers' liability insurance, 2017

Table 7: Top five insurers for key man insurance, 2017

Table 8: Top five insurers for personal accident and business travel insurance, 2017

Table 9: Top five insurers for property insurance, 2017

Table 10: Top five insurers for professional indemnity insurance, 2017

Table 11: Top five insurers for public liability insurance, 2017

Table 12: Top five insurers for private medical insurance, 2017

Table 13: Top five insurers for cyber insurance, 2017

Table 14: Top five insurers for commercial motor: company car (single), 2017

Table 15: Top five insurers for commercial motor: company car (fleet), 2017

Table 16: Top five insurers for commercial motor: van (single), 2017

Table 17: Top five insurers for commercial motor: van (fleet), 2017

Table 18: Top five insurers for other commercial motor e.g. coaches/farm vehicles (single), 2017

Table 19: Top five insurers for other commercial motor e.g. coaches/ farm vehicles (fleet), 2017

Table 20: Customer satisfaction among leading insurers in selected lines, 2017

Table 21: Leading insurers' NPS for selected lines, 2017

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