India Sugar Market Outlook to 2019 – R&D Advancements and Government Support to Propel Market

India Sugar Market Outlook to 2019 – R&D Advancements and Government Support to Propel Market provides a comprehensive analysis of the various aspects such as market size of the sugar industry by value and production volume in India. The market is segmented on the basis of organizational structure, by state wise sugar production, by utility, by type of sugar and by type of distribution channels have been covered in the report. The report also includes the market shares and revenues of major sugar companies in India. One of the major highlights of the report is the Investment Model of the sugar industry which talks about the various investments that are required to set up a sugar factory in India. The future outlook of the sugar industry with the major growth drivers and challenges, porter’s five forces, SWOT analysis and macroeconomic variables are presented in the report.

India Sugar MarketIndia is the largest consumer of sugar in the world and the second largest producer of sugar. The annual turnover of India sugar industry stands around INR ~ billion as of FY’2014 with the capital investment of more than INR 124 billion. India produces a substantial amount of sugar which is capable enough to satisfy the demand of the rising population. The sugar industry in India has grown at a CAGR of 5% from INR ~ billion in FY’2009 to INR ~ billion in FY’2014.

The northern India majorly constituting Uttar Pradesh constituted the maximum market share of about ~% as of FY’2014, followed by the Western India majorly constituting Maharashtra with ~% as of FY’2014 in terms of regional production. The white sugar has the maximum market share and is mostly demanded by people in urban India. Refined sugar is of high quality and is demanded by the niche sector of the country due to its expensiveness while raw sugar is less produced and less demanded by the people in the country. White sugar constituted around ~% of market share as of FY’2014 followed by refined and raw sugar with ~% and ~% of market shares respectively.

The Sugar industry in India is comprised of various major companies that are involved in the production of sugars. The organized players including the companies such as Balrampur Chini Mills, Bajaj Hindusthan Ltd., Shree Renuka Sugars, Triveni Engineering and Industries and others in the market are performing really well and are expected to take the sugar industry to new heights in the near future. However, as the industry is a fragmented one, even leading players do not control more than ~% market in India. Market revenues of Shree Renuka Sugars were valued at INR ~ million in FY’2014, making it the largest player in the Sugar industry in India. Bajaj Hindusthan Ltd. was the second largest sugar company in terms of revenues generated in FY’2014. Balrampur Chini Mills generated revenues of INR ~ million in FY’2014.

The market for sugar industry in India is well established and is growing at a slow rate. Technological advancements in the production process, increasing sugarcane yield and rising number of sugar factories in the country as well as the competitive pressures have been significantly changing the market. Revenues from the sugar industry in India are expected to expand to INR ~ billion in FY’2019, growing with a CAGR of 4% from FY’2015 to FY’2019.

Key Topics Covered in India Sugar Industry Report:

  • Global sugar market with present & future scenario
  • Market size of India sugar industry by revenue and production volume
  • Market segmentation of India sugar market on the basis of organizational structure, by type of sugar, by state wise sugar production, by type of distribution channels and by utility.
  • India sugarcane industry market size by production volume
  • Export and Import dynamics of India sugar industry
  • Pricing Analysis of sugar
  • Trends and development and growth drivers in the India sugar industry.
  • Government legislation in the sugar industry in India
  • Cost of setting up a sugar mill in India
  • Major challenges faced by sugar industry in India
  • Porter’s Five Forces, SWOT and PESTEL Analysis of sugar Industry in India
  • Detailed company Profiles, market shares, mergers & acquisitions of the major companies in the sugar industry of India.
  • Future outlook and projections with analyst recommendation of India sugar industry
  • Major macroeconomic factors in India sugar industry



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