Cigarette Smoking Trends And Innovations In Europe; Comparing Consumer Attitudes And The Innovation Landscape In Eastern And Western Europe

The European cigarette market is highly multifaceted across consumer attitudes and behaviors, creating specific implications for innovation in different regions. Brands cannot view Europe as a single homogenous entity and have to account for these regional differences in order to effectively identify the best way to meet consumer needs through innovation.

Key Findings

Compared to other age groups in the region, Eastern European millennials are most likely to smoke cigarettes occasionally/socially. Therefore brands will benefit from targeting this demographic with solutions that can complement sister categories such as alcoholic beverages.

Smokers in Eastern Europe are more likely to be concerned about smelling of smoke than their Western European counterparts. More importantly, this is most significant among regular smokers, who make up the bulk of smokers in these two regions, creating opportunities for reduced smell technologies in this region.


Cigarette Smoking Trends and Innovations in Europe looks at the evolving face of the European smoker and what the differences across regions mean for brand innovation. Notably different behaviors, preferences, and consumption patterns between the East and West create an exciting innovation platform for brands to capitalize on.

CONSUMER INSIGHT: Data analysed from Canadeans consumer surveys delivers a clear picture of the European smoker and regional attitudes.

PREFERENCES: Understand the key preferences for consumers in both Eastern and Western Europe, ranging from frequency of consumption to packaging and flavor appeal.

INNOVATION: See the best examples of innovation and recommendations for brands operating in the market.

Reasons To Buy

Highlights which consumers smoke regularly versus smoking socially across both regions.

Identifies key motivators for cigarette purchase and preferences in packaging and flavor.

Provides insight and inspiration for innovation programs and new product development.

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