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China Construction Machinery Industry Impetus to Become Trade Hub for Global Market–Ken Research

Ken Research announced its latest publication on, “Research Report On Construction Machinery Industry, in China, 2011-2020”,which provides detailed information on the economic and policy environment faced by Chinese construction machinery industry. In addition, the publication also includes the supply-side information regarding the construction machinery industry in China’s market. Insights regarding future outlook of the Chinese construction machinery industry in terms of key trends and issues is also included.

The exceptional growth of China’s GDP has attracted business from all across the world. Specifically, the construction machinery industry in China is witnessing the entry of plenty of global manufacturers led by government’s support. In 2015, the import value of construction machinery was USD 3.4 billion, down by 21.4% yoy and the export value was recorded at USD 18.9 billion. China imported construction machinery products from 88 countries in 2015. Among the origin countries, the import value of Japan, the US and Germany accounted for over 50% while the export value of the top 20 destination countries exceeded 60%.

Investment and M&A remained major trend of the industry due to high expectation of market demand and entry of new players in the market. It is noteworthy that Chinese manufacturers of construction machinery are expanding business overseas. Certain Chinese manufacturers with strong competitiveness expand export and operate internationally through M&A and joint ventures overseas.

At the end of 2014, the urbanization rate was 54.8% in China. It is forecast that the urbanization rate will exceed 60% by 2020 and reach 70% by 2030, which will promote the development of infrastructure and construction machinery industry in the country. Railway, Highway and urban rail transit are the main investment fields, which will promote China construction machinery industry. From the development trend, the future revenue will largely come from after sale services including maintenance, leasing and reproducing. Industry insider estimates, 30%-40% of the future sales revenue will source from parts reselling and 30%-40% will come from financial leasing. Only the rest will come from new product sales.

Global Construction Machinery Industry

The global construction machinery industry is projected to have fast growth by the end of this decade. Apart from the Americas and Europe, China is reported to have the fastest growth. The term construction machinery industry those machines designed for doing construction tasks. Such machines include crawler excavators, aerial work platforms, crawler drawers and wheel loaders ranking amongst others.

Some driving factors within the global construction machinery industry include:

  • Increase in the global population
  • Increasing urbanization resulting more construction needs
  • Sophistication of equipment
  • IT-enabled infrastructure

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

  • Economy and policy environment faced by China construction machinery industry
  • Production and Demand Status of Construction Machinery Industry
  • Competition Status of Construction Machinery Industry in China
  • Analysis of Construction Machinery Sub-industries in China
  • Import and Export of Construction Machinery Industry
  • M&A of Chinese Construction Machinery Manufacturers
  • Forecast on Construction Machinery Industry in China
  • Investors/Research Institutes Concerned About Construction Machinery Industry

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