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Agriculture was the main contributing segment to the overall economy of Uganda in 2015. Dairy sector was the second largest contributor after cereal product market in agriculture industry contributing close to 48.0% in 2015. Dairy market in Uganda is largely unorganized with the presence of large number of small scale dairy farmers who contributes 80.0% to the overall milk production in the nation followed by 20.0% from the large scale dairy farms.

Out of the total raw milk production of 2.8 billion liters in 2015 across the nation, only 40.0% of the raw milk is consumed in processed form such as cheese, butter, milk powder, yoghurt, processed milk, flavored milk while ~% of raw milk is sold out to local consumers in raw form without any value addition. Rest ~% of the raw milk gets wasted due to lack of cold

Which Product Is Generating Maximum Revenue For The Uganda Dairy Product Market?

Processed milk contributed highest revenue share of ~% in 2015 owing to its increased demand as an effect of government effort to remove problem of malnutrition in the country. It has been observed that one third of the children in Uganda are stunted and under-nutrition is a reason for 60% of the deaths of children under five. Yoghurt captured second position in the market and is also observed to record growth at a high CAGR of ~% in terms of USD in between 2013 and 2015 with revenues inclining from USD ~ million in 2013 to USD ~ million in 2015. Presence of recognized and unrecognized yoghurt processors in the market who have well established distribution network and are involved in continuous launch of innovative products in the market is the major factor which has fuelled the demand for yoghurt in Uganda. Ice and Cheese followed yoghurt with revenue shares of ~% and ~% in 2015 respectively.

How Dairy Industry Is Regulated In Uganda?

In Uganda, 1993 Dairy Master Plan and 1998 Dairy Industry Act are governing the dairy sector. These acts are considered as out-dated and non-adapted to current dynamics, notably investments in the sector and trade16, although the Government has more recently formulated a National Dairy Strategy (NDS) for 2011-15. Uganda’s NDS focuses more on milk marketing and value addition.

Dairy Development Authority is responsible for promoting and monitoring quality in the dairy industry through enforcement of standards and regulations. The Authority (DDA) also developed the “The Dairy (Marketing and Processing of Milk and Milk Products) Regulations, 2003”, Statutory Instruments No. 26 of 2003.

How Presence Of Global Giants In The Country Impact The Uganda Dairy Product Market?

Uganda dairy product market is growing at a high pace in terms of local currency. However, unfavorable exchange rate impacts the market in a negative manner. The growing market of Uganda has encouraged many global players to invest into the markets of Uganda and set up manufacturing units in the country. Availability of low cost in the country is the major factor which supported the investment decision of these players. The major among them include Unilever, Brookside Dairies, Glacier Products Ltd. And Eldoville Ltd. These players are involved and new product launches, which is leading to easy availability of dairy product in remote locations of the country at affordable cost, hence driving the market.

Key Factors Considered In The Report

  • The market size of Uganda Dairy Product Market
  • Market segmentation of Uganda Dairy Product Market on the basis of Products
  • Trends and Developments in Uganda Dairy Product Market
  • Regulatory Framework of Uganda Dairy Product Market
  • Competitive Landscape and Detailed Company Profiles of the Major Market Players
  • Future Outlook and Projections of Uganda Dairy Product Market
  • Analyst Recommendations
  • Macro-Economic Factors Impacting the Uganda Dairy Product Market

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