The Education Market in Australia is Expected to value USD 115 Billion in the Future: Ken Research

Both domestic students and international enrollments at various level of education have played a key role. Although international enrollments declined marginally during 2011-12, the overall market grew due to incline in domestic enrollments.

The growth in revenue of schools and universities was more or less stable; VET sector exhibited a fall in the growth rate. This decline in growth rate can be attributed to the declining government funding. Private schools saw a sharp increase in enrollments as compared to the public schools. Students preferred private schools due to better infrastructure facilities and access to extra-curricular activities.

Test preparation market constitute of a pretty small share in the overall education market in Australia. A major part of this revenue came from IELTS/TOEFL coaching centers as there were a very few centers taking up GRE/GMAT coaching due to low demand. High demand for the language exam preparation classes is understandably due to massive international enrollments in Australia.

Growth in E-Learning is backed by rapid growth in number of internet subscribers. Schools and universities have valued the importance of E-Learning in teaching as well as students assessment. Growth prospects of the market have considerably increased due to the declining costs as a result of continual innovations in the industry. The introduction of mobiles has played a key role in the overall growth of the E-Learning market. A large proportion of service providers have benefitted due to the application based services

The K-12 education in Australia is basically sub divided into four categories viz. Preschool, Primary school, Junior Secondary school and Senior secondary school. English is the major language followed in most of the schools in Australia.

The higher or tertiary education in Australia includes undergraduate, postgraduate courses, enabling and non-award courses offered by various educational institutions. Higher education in Australia has undergone some important reforms which have turned out to be positive for the higher education industry. The enrollments at both undergraduate and postgraduate courses have grown at a healthy pace in the last five years.

Tutoring sector in Australia has been gaining momentum in recent times. Until a few years ago, tutoring was considered for students who needed remedial attention. However, the scenario has now changed completely. The number of enrollments in independent private schools has been increasing at faster pace as compared to government schools, indicating the increase in propensity of parents to spend more on children’s education. Several other factors attributed to the growth of the tutoring sector.

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