Kuwait Education Market Is Driven by Increasing Cost of Private Education, Expanding Presence of E-Learning and M-Learning Companies and Entry of Various International Players: Ken Research Analysis

The major factors driving the market growth are persistent government efforts to encourage more market penetration of major players, persuasive techniques used to partner with foreign colleges, digitizing the use of textbook in Kuwait to promote e-learning, increase in number of establishments catering to higher education, a rising young population and a shift to private schools by Kuwaitis due to the mundane methods of teaching in public sector. Increase in the government partnerships with foreign universities and more number of scholarships to study abroad have encouraged students to enroll in various test preparation centers.

Kuwait’s education market has witnessed a stable growth in the past few years, rising at a moderate single digit CAGR from 2012 to 2017. Factors such as Lack of trust in the quality of public education, increasing number of expatriate families coming to Kuwait and a rising desire for higher-studies have driven the market. More number of expats inhabiting in the country is a major reason for the market growth as this population makes up nearly three-fourths of the total target audience and are only allowed to send their children to private schools. Within the K-12 market, Primary education, followed by Intermediate, Secondary and Kindergarten generate highest revenue in 2017. This growing shift towards private schools has put a strain on the private education market, resulting in higher fees for limited places. Since most private schools follow a foreign curriculum, there is a need to import staff trained in the required material, driving up costs. Additionally, obtaining land to set up new schools can be very capital intensive as land cannot be purchased by non-Kuwaitis. These factors are a major contribution to the rising fees in the education sector.

The Kuwaiti government has focused on digitizing all books in Kuwait starting from 2011. The interactive teaching involved with e-learning and m-learning is a better tool to engage students in the classroom and has resulted in a shift from the traditional classroom. The increased usage of e-learning and m-learning has improved the caliber of Kuwaiti students, furthering the market.

The government has continued to partner with elite colleges abroad such as IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), UMass Lowell and Trinity College Dublin in a bid to encourage students to enroll in these universities in specific majors that cater to the requirements in Kuwait. This has encouraged students to further their studies outside Kuwait, increasing enrollment in test preparation centers.

The report titled, “Kuwait Education Market Outlook to 2022 – by K-12 Education, Higher Education, E-Learning, Vocational Training, Teacher Training, Private Tutor and Test-Preparation Education Market” by Ken Research suggested that there is an opportunity for large scale operators to enter the K-12 education as the market is chiefly composed of standalone private schools. Public schools in Kuwait are completely funded by the government and due to this reason; there isn’t any aggressive competition in the public schools of Kuwait.

Time Period Captured in the Report

2012-2017 – Historical Period

2018-2022 – Future Forecast

Key Segments Covered

  • Market Segmentation for Kuwait K-12 Private Education
  • Market Segmentation by Level of Education (Kindergarten, Primary, Intermediate, Secondary)
  • Market Segmentation by Gender (Male & Female)
  • Market Segmentation by Nationality (Kuwaiti & Non-Kuwaiti)
  • Market Segmentation by School Type (Foreign & Arabic)
  • Market Segmentation for Kuwait Test Preparation
  • Market Segmentation by Revenue on the Basis of Type of Test Taken (IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT)

Key Target Audience

  • Private K-12 Schools
  • Government Organizations
  • Test Preparation Institutes
  • Private Vocational Training Institutes
  • International Schools
  • International Colleges/Universities
  • Global E-learning Companies
  • Investors

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