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Rise in Adoption of Integrated Weed Control, Followed by the Increase in Aquatic Herbicides Over the Other Treatment Methods to Drive the Aquatic Herbicides Market Over the Forecast Period : Ken Research

Aquatic herbicides are the chemicals used in order to prevent hoe growth which includes lake weeds, pond algae, and pond weeds. The herbicides are employed to direct the growth of unwanted plants in water aquatic used to manage several aquatic weeds, either by killing them or severely stopping their normal growth processes. The herbicides enter the plants due to leaves, roots and target the impacting the physiological developments in plants that are essential for the growth. The key functional procedures that impacts to foliar spray, sprayed or injected directly into the water column, used as granular pellet. The spray can be applied with backpack sprayer or larger, a hand-powered, motorized sprayers. It is also used to control growing aquatic plant species.

Global Aquatic Herbicides market

According to study, “Global Aquatic Herbicides market Size study, by Type (Glyphosate, 2,4-D, Imazapyr, Triclopyr, Diquat, Others), by Mode of Action (Selective, Non- Selective), Application (Fisheries, Agricultural Waters, Recreational waters, Others)  & by Application Method (Foliar, Submerged) – Forecast 2020” the key companies currently operating in the global aquatic herbicides market areDOW Chemical, Monsanto, Nufarm, BASF SE, Syngenta, Lonza, Sepro Corporation, UPL, Land O Lakes, Valent, Sanco Industries, Albaugh, Platform Speciality Products. Companies operating in the objective market focuses on the growth of herbicides that are safe to human and aquatic animals creating a supportive opportunity for existing and new players operating in the market over the forecasted period.

Based on type, the global aquatic herbicides Industry is segmented into systematic herbicides and contact herbicides. Based on chemical formulation, market is segmented as2,4-D, glyphosate, triclopyr, imazapyr, sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate, bispyribac, imazamox, penoxsulam, imazapyr, sethoxydim, florpyrauxifen, topramezone, carfentrazone, diquat and others (fluridone, copper & chelated copper andflumioxazin). Glyphosate based products are the most important post-emergent, non selective and systemic herbicides for the control of annual & perennial weeds.Based on the mode of action, the market is segmented into selective mode of action and non-selective mode of action. Based on application, market is segmented into agricultural waters, fisheries, recreational waters and others (development waters, retention ponds, and flood control canals). Based on application the market is segmented into submerged and foliar sprays.

The market of global aquatic herbicides demand is driven by the risein adoption of integrated weed control, followed by increasing aquatic herbicides over other treatment methods, improved use of aquatic herbicides in agricultural waters & recreational waters, new herbicides with enhanced functionality, lower residue levels are developed with dissimilar modes of action and emergence of remaining issues. Apart from benefits, some of the key restraints are prolonged process of product approvals, stringent government regulations and concerns among applications about fish kills & damage to desirable plants or effect of herbicides applications. In addition, some of the big opportunities are high growth opportunities in developing countries and research & development (R&D) for safer herbicides for fish, humans or desirable plants.

North American region is expected to register a considerable demand owing to the environmental concerns. It is further estimated that the global aquatic herbicides market to reach at US $764.4 million, by 2025.

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Global Aquatic Herbicides market

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