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How Online Advertising Market Is Positioned In Taiwan?

The market is well regulated and the consumers are well versed and updated with the ongoing global trends. Taiwan online advertising has been considered as the link joining the developed countries of the West with the developing markets of the East. TV ads had held the top most channel rank in terms of reaching out to the consumer masses. Within Taiwan, television ads have been long associated with inaccurate targeting. Advertisement firms and organizations have been trying to find a sustainable replacement of the TV medium. At the same time, the masses started to move from the unappealing and low-quality TV content to the digital platforms. It has been estimated that approximately 95.0% of the Taiwanese use Facebook during the year 2018 which stands to prove the reach of the social media platforms in the country. Online activities have become one of the favorite hobbies of Taiwanese population. Online advertisement market in Taiwan was observed to showcase year on year growth in terms of ad expenditure during the review period 2013-2018. The consistent double digit growth was majorly due to the fact that internet and digital advertising started outstripping the traditional methods with an added advantage of better monetization and ad reach measurement tools. Major growth drivers include increase in increasing internet penetration, supportive government policies and boom in e-commerce sector and increase in consumption and acceptance of advertisements on digital mediums. The services provided are Search Engine optimization, web design, content marketing, brand reputation management and many others. Nowadays, there are many additional facilities provided to the sectors to make them feel satisfied and increase their retention rate in the particular advertising agency. Due to the above mentioned factors, the online advertising industry has witnessed a growth at the rate of approximately ~% in terms of advertising spend during the review period of 2013 to 2018.

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Taiwan Online Advertisement Market Segmentation

In 2018, the mobile Digital Advertising dominated the ad spend with a market share of ~%. This is majorly due to the growth drivers .This is mainly due to the shift of customers towards Digital mediums as compared to traditional mediums for different type of activities like watching Video, Searching, Social Media and others. This segment was followed by the Traditional medium, which collectively accounted for the remaining ~% market share in ad expenditure in 2018 due to its obsolete nature of advertising.

By Medium: In 2018, the mobile medium dominated the ad spend with a market share of ~%. This is majorly due to the growth drivers such as increasing mobile penetration in the country along with a widespread presence of people over social media. The factors like cost effectiveness and increasing conversion rates also propelled the mobile medium in preference. This segment was followed by the desktop medium, which collectively accounted for the remaining ~% market share in ad expenditure in 2018 due to their comparatively narrower scope of usage in end user applications.

By Sectors (FMCG, Healthcare, Entertainment& Media, BFSI, E-Commerce and Others):

The FMCG sector dominated online advertisement space in Taiwan during 2018. The E-commerce market in Taiwan has grown at a rapid pace over the past few years as a result of which, consumers’ shopping preferences have shifted to online platform. Also, the Taiwanese people appreciate online entertainment and media on their phones / desktops; hence this sector formed a crucial aspect. Healthcare is coming up with innovative medical services and need to raise awareness among consumers. Retail is an emerging sector that will grow at a strong growth with rise in disposable income and surging preference towards shopping from traditional brick and mortar model.

Other sectors such as healthcare, BFSI and others captured the remaining market in 2018 in terms of ad spend.

Further Segmentation by Medium (Desktop and Mobile):

In 2018, the mobile Digital Advertising dominated the ad spend in Most of the types of Advertising with a market share of ~% in Social Advertising,~% in Video, ~% in Search, ~% in Buzz/Content, ~% in Others. Most of the Taiwanese prefer to use mobile over desktop as majority of the task can be performed on Mobiles. Mobile is more accessible as compared to desktop hence remains with the user most of the time. Most of the advertisers are now directing their Adspend towards Mobile in most of the Platforms.

Competition Analysis of Major Platforms: Facebook is the most dominant Social media Platform in Social media adverting with a percentage share of ~%.Instagram also has a considerable share of ~% but is only used to target young millennial. YouTube has a major share of ~% of advertising spend in Video advertising as it is the most popular platform for video streaming in Taiwan. Google is the most used Search Engine with a share of ~% after Yahoo which has a share of ~%. As these are the most popular types of platform in social media with high user penetration rate, it becomes easy for brands to reach out to their customers; moreover these platforms also allow them to target their specific customers.

For more information on the research report, refer to below link:

Taiwan Online Advertisement Industry Research Report

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