Commercial Services Global Market Forecast To 2022

Asia Pacific was the largest region in the global commercial services market, accounting for 35% of the market in 2018. North America was the second largest region accounting for 26% of the global commercial services market. Africa was the smallest region in the global commercial services market.

With companies focusing on core business operations, automated billing systems are widely being used to minimize billing errors and reduce costs. Automated systems generate and send electronic copies of the invoices directly to customers. Automated billing systems enable tracking of unpaid bills, automate payment reminders and recurring invoices, manage discounts and coupons, and creation of customized invoices. These systems also generate real time reports on sales, orders, budgets that help track business performance. Many software as a service providers are offering CRM applications which offer solutions for billing, sales and other functions in an organization. Some of the popular automated billing systems include Zoho Invoice, Salesforce, QuickBooks, Invoice2go and Intacct.

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