UK: Retail Channel Series: Delivery saver schemes – 2019

UK: Retail Channel Series: Delivery saver schemes-2019


The Delivery Saver Schemes in the UK-2019 report forms part of GlobalData’s Retail Channel series, and offers a comprehensive insight into the consumer dynamics and spending habits of consumers that subscribe to food & non-food delivery saver schemes. The report analyses the two types of delivery schemes including their usage at various retailers and consumer attitudes.

The proportion of online food & grocery shoppers who have subscribed to a food & grocery delivery saver scheme in the past 12 months has risen from 35.1% in 2018 to 37.0% in 2019, driven by females and 25-34 year olds.

16-34 year olds are the most common subscribers to non-food delivery saver schemes, such as Amazon Prime and ASOS Premier.


– The most significant feature that would persuade non-subscribers to sign up to a saver scheme is rewards, including loyalty points and free gifts.

– Most consumers are reluctant to pay more than GBP10 a year for a delivery saver scheme-with the exception of Amazon, for which the lure of additional benefits and same day delivery warrants the GBP79 annual cost.

Reasons to buy

– Use our in-depth consumer insight to learn how delivery saver schemes can impact consumer shopping habits and ensure that your delivery options meet the needs of shoppers.

– Understand what drives consumers to subscribe to a delivery saver scheme, such as how much consumers are willing to spend on these options in order to maximise sales potential.

– Use our in-depth analysis of the leading retailers that offer delivery saver schemes in order to understand how to appeal shoppers and maximise uptake of these services.

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