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A floor sandwich panel is a functional panel for roof and floor coverings, whose thickness fluctuates according to the spans & design loads. It is usually very fire resistant and can vary depending on the materials used to build the panel. It has ability to protect against sound, sudden breakout of fires and extreme weather conditions. Moreover, its durability & rapid installation due to its simple design make it a sustainable choice over traditional floor panels. Floor sandwich panel is usually consisting of three layers. The innermost layer usually has low density and low stiffness while the two panels that enclose it are made from an inflexible layer using a structural adhesive applied to the whole panel to hold it together. The inner core or layer is most generally made from a metal honeycomb or Nomex, either in closed-cell and open-cell foam. The outer skins are stiff, normally made from aerospace-grade carbon or aluminum fiber.

Global Floor Sandwich Panel MarketThe key advantages are included high resistance to earthquake shear forces, insulation against heat, cold, humidity & sound, impenetrability of building against insects, manufacture of lightweight walls, cost savings on the cost of building & skeleton of high-rise buildings caused by the small weight of the ceiling & wall parts of sandwich panels, and high quality building materials.

According to study, “Global Floor Sandwich Panel Market Status (2015-2019) and Forecast (2020-2024) by Region, Product Type & End-Use” the key companies operating in the global floor sandwich panel market are CEL, BENCORE, Acustica Integral, Nav-System SPA-Divisione SILEX, AG PLASTICS, Total Vibration Solutions TVS, EuroPanels, TAVAPAN SA, SIMONIN, TOUBOIS, Stiferite, UPM.

Based on type, floor sandwich panel market is segmented into fiberglass face, aluminum face and others. Fibre-glass face is used to manufacture the coating surfaces. Whereas, the aluminum face is used to manufacture the surface materials of floor sandwich panel. Based on core material, market is segmented into Polyisocyanurate (PIR), Polyurethane (PUR), mineral wool, other core materials and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). Based on channel, market is segmented into distributor channel and direct sales channel. In addition, based on application, market is segmented into residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, and others.

The floor sandwich panel market is driven by increase in product demand, followed by growth in technological advancement, rise in disposable incomes, increase in raw material affluence, growth in revenue since last decade due to product awareness, and stable market structure. However, fluctuations in the prices of raw materials and increase in the cost of production due to expensive application techniques may impact the market.

Based on geography, the Asian-Pacific region dominates the floor sandwich panel market owing to rise in number of government subsidies for rural buildings and increase in number of large-scale residential & industrial infrastructural projects in the region. Whereas, the European and North-American regions are projected to exhibit substantial growth rate due to growth in middle-class population & rise in disposable incomes, presence of key manufacturers and rise in consumption of packaged foods & beverages, which require temperature-controlled infrastructures over the forecast period. In upcoming years, it is expected that future of the market will be bright as a result of increase in awareness about energy-efficient buildings during the forecast period.

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