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Market due diligence, not linked other appearances of diligence, does not base its happenstances on information carried by the construction. Instead, the market due diligence embraces congregation data from industry connoisseurs, competitors, customers, and alternating suppliers and other third-party market participators. In niche markets, it is imperious to advantage the standpoint not only of shoppers, lost accounts, and visions, but third-party market professionals, and, most significantly, direct and indirect contestants.

Although, contingent on the Dossier 360 which is well-acknowledged as a supreme subscription platform of Ken Research and furthermore deals a comprehensive assemblage of over 10,000+ Premium Industry Reports, 30,000+ equity and private entities reports, Press Releases, Investment and Economy news, Due Diligence Reports patterned from 100+ Notorious Universal Publishers and Sources. The exhibition location of dossier 360 commendably suggest an admission to the primary library of significant and sincere news and business content embracing international news, country analysis, industry updates, entity news, supervisory information, and mutual records. Not only has this, the Dossier360 giveaways a renovated and spontaneous interface which makes it serene for the user to entrance the subscription podium.

Whereas, Ken Research backing the clients to be pitch-ready by compassionate their fund constraint and business model and create the collateral compulsory for fund nurturing or for business sale/acquisition. We curates and publishes succeeding deliverable: Information Memorandum for fund raising, Teaser for Preliminary Investor Interest, Financial Functioning and Business Model with Picture Analysis and Exit Schedule for the Investors.

For creating the due diligence report more active we actively analyzing the a number of factors to evaluation an entities commercial prospective, calculating the financial sustainability of the entity in the terms of its assets and the liabilities at a wide-ranging level and fact-finding the operation more enormously and corroborating the material aspects interrelated to the entity in the allusion to a recommended transaction. Not only has this, the Ken Research engendered the Information memorandum for fund raising and business plan grounded upon the investment prerequisite on each business occupation, burgeoning financial enactment on the basis of plan for next 5 years and exit strategy. Also subsidized the client on list of imminent healthcare immersed seed funds and underwritten them in relating to them and be pitch well-appointed.

Data points sheltered in IM:

Administrative Summary and Anticipated Transaction

Company Impression

Industry Overview including Competitors (if Any)

Fissure in the Sector –Pain Point

Products and Services/Resolution – gap it fills

Company Business Proposal – Revenue Streams, Monetization Plan, Inter-correlation with several other entities in the ecosystem

End Users Size/ Triumph Strategy/ Shopper Acquirement cost.

Remaining Pilot – Test Case Circumstances (Phases Finalized – Pilot, Phase I, Phase II) – Journey So far

Investment Compulsory

Roadmap for the Future Growth – Speculation Consumption

Not only has this, we help you in how to select a vendor qualification criteria as our Due diligence persistence is multi-layered prompted from the standpoint of the wholesaler assemblage based on admissibility specification, client confirmation and case studies/ rejoinder, financial health report We assistance the international organizations to understand contemplative about their partners on trade union incursion, management background, constricting progression and growth, control on balance sheet, sustenance services check and distinction administration in pre and post sales course. Whereas, in the Ken Research’s financial due diligence report satisfied transactions encirclement mergers and acquisitions, partnership, joint venture and coalitions and equity transaction support recommended services.

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