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The Organizations should be resistant enough to withstand all sorts of transformations and disruptions, whether technology connected or natural disasters. Aiming on the cyber security segment, technology evolution and fresh trends will shape the environment during the forthcoming year. Implementation cyber security trends well in enhance can support organizations differentiate themselves from their competitors and obtain the strategic advantage.

The market forecast of cyber security across Europe is currently in its growth stage. The market displays a resilient competitive scenario where international players which hold common of the stake are persistently trying to escalation their prevailing market share in the industry. The entrance of Domestic players and Start-ups during previous 5 years has lead to a modification in the import oriented market to rely profoundly on the In-House products and services. The market is also very approachable to inventiveness, innovations and next generation solutions. Augmented the consumption of mobile phones and internet are the captain growth drivers of this market.

Network security is the most commonly used technology in the market and holds a foremost share of market. The prominent increase in the awareness amongst European Union and Government of altered countries in EU along with SME’s and mid-caps has facilitated the industry to gain momentum. Mainstream of companies across Europe are SME’s which are going through digital transformation assisted by funds from the EU. The cyber security market is developing parallel to digitization of corporates in entire Europe.

Moreover, along the bandwidth that 5G technology allows, data volumes and the number of linked devices and sensors is set to shatter. Electronic health applications will gather the data about a user’s wellbeing, fresh car technology will observe a user’s movements, and smart applications will obtain information connected how users live and operate. With so several personal data being obtained from us, 5G technology will mean high levels of security in contradiction of breaches and data theft will be demanded.

However, the Vietnam cyber security market was witnessed to be judiciously fragmented in nature with the manifestation of both international as well as domestic players in the services and solutions sector. Some of foremost companies such as Juniper Network, Cisco, Check Point software Technologies, Symantec Corporation were monitored to lead in terms of market share, followed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP, Kaspersky, Fortinet, CMC Corporation and several others. The cyber security solution providers across Vietnam compete on the basis of cost of the security solutions, technological enhancements, product offerings, supply chain management, after-sales services and number of following.

Whereas, the cyber security market is projected to increase at a robust rate in forthcoming future owing to the increasing risk of cyber threats, growing awareness about cyber security solutions, augmenting the usage of smart phones & internet and transforming technologies. Increasing Fraud cases and cyber attacks in banking and financial segment in the country has surged the requirement for cyber security services in the corporates from this segment. Therefore, it is anticipated that the market of cyber security will increase around the globe more effectively over the forthcoming years.

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