How To Select A Vendor Qualification Criteria, Information Memorandum For Fund Raising

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Information Memorandum (IM) is a document, used to offer information to interested buyers during the business sale process. It provides our company’s overview that is being offered for sale. The main purpose of IM is to provide information to potential buyers to permit them to get the better understanding and opportunity to review the company. It includes various areas including legal structure, organizational structure operations & premises, company history, product & services, client types & customer diversification, reasons & background for sale, future growth opportunities, sales & marketing section, opportunities in external market place, scalability of operations, and ability & plan to achieve future projections. Information memorandum also recognized as company book, pitch book, deal book, CIM (Confidential Information Memorandum), confidential company paper and memorandum of sale.

Creation of Information Memorandum (IM): Creation of Information Memorandum (IM) is required for market understanding, market interest, commercial value proposition, business model, intellectual property protection, business valuation, team & board, investment required & use of funds and pathway to exit. Some of the key advantages of IM are preserving information, avoiding misunderstanding, and quick exchange of information, maintaining consistency, less expensive, concise presentation of information, and use as reference in future. Apart from this, few disadvantages are not suitable to illiterate the people, limited field of application, problem in modification, lace of explanation, and time consuming etc.

Buying, selling, growing or restructuring a business is a main objective for any organization and its stakeholders. We work closely with monetary organizations, business visionaries, and private equity groups that provide them with completely integrated equity transaction advisory services. Ken research provides top-notch Equity Transaction Support Advisory Services as well as investment research services. Our senior team’s wide-ranging experience serves private equity firms, venture capitalists, and investors across all industries. As a qualified partner in digital due diligence, we identify, examine, and evaluate digital targets & their potential with performance improvement opportunities. Our company’s combined capabilities in digital strategy, technology, operations, and marketing steer the complexity of merger & acquisition (M&A) transactions and leverage our cross-functional team. We assess target management forecasts in commercial environment, analyze risks & opportunities within the target market, and also determine strength of the target’s competitive positioning.

We offer various transaction advisory services to private value firms, business clients, and individuals & professional service firms. These services include self-side due diligence & consulting, buy-side due diligence, tax due diligence, business valuations, post-transaction wealth advisory, post transaction integration, field exam for lenders, working capital analysis & disputes, divestitures & carve-outs, investment banking & intermediary services, and others. Buy-side due diligence include Quality of assets (QoA), Quality of earnings (QoE), Cyber security assessment, Customized due diligence, Culture, performance & management assessments and information technology & information security risk assessments. Tax due diligence include credits & incentives (research & development tax credits and cost segregation studies), state & local, federal, and international.

Our team is very familiar with wide range of complex transactions such as reverse mergers, carve-outs, and multinational transactions. Utilizing demonstrated processes from perusing the engagement to setting up the deliverable, we work with our clients to guarantee that our quality of profit analysis and other transaction expectations are specifically custom-made to meet the needs of the client in an effective & productive manner.

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