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Identity and access management (IAM) market is made by existing research reports & assessments made by Identity Management Institute, which is based on publicly available information that indicates a fast growth in the IAM segment of information security. The IAM market is driven by compliance, process inefficiency and errors, rise in hacking incidents and data breach cases that concern global organizations, and changes in societal, technology and operating trends. IAM market analysis also considers global cyber security expert shortages & vacant jobs to be a major risk. Cyber security is a buzz name for network & system security which has existed for a long time. The primary aim of cyber security is to protect data but high impact or frequent data breach incidents have progressively more challenged the cyber security community. There are various data breach incidents annually which are generally caused by poor IAM processes. The majority of cyber attacks are caused by employee errors who unsuspectingly give away their access information to hackers when they become fatalities of hackers’ phishing scams.

Cyber Security Identity And Access Management Market have advanced to become a vital & complex market segment of the IT infrastructure. Nowadays, IAM has become a necessary asset in the enterprise landscape. It includes processes and information technologies, which are correlated & mutually reliant on all business areas. If the IAM solution is planned & implemented well, it eventually facilitate secure operations, aid strengthen regulatory compliance, and enhance operational agility within an organization. Additionally, several enterprises maintain administrative IAM functions that drive professional services, operational costs, and technology investments.

Cyber Security refers to the protection of digitally or virtually stored data & information from external attacks in the form of hacking or phishing. With an exponential increase in the use of connected devices, growth in electronic transactions and rise in Smartphone & internet penetration, there is a pressing need for cyber security solutions entire the world. This requirement has gotten accentuated with the fast-developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies. Market Research Reports Of Cyber Security shows that cloud-based cyber security solutions have been gaining approval from companies across all industries for cost effective solutions. The use of a cloud-based cyber security strategy for the businesses offers considerably more benefits than traditional security strategies, particularly if network is cloud-based as well.

The cyber security market size is anticipated to increase owing to integration of technologies such as machine learning, IoT, and big data in threat as well as security technique up-gradation. Key companies operating in this market are shifting from the ‘signature-based’ malware revealing scheme to ‘signature-less’ scheme that feature technologies for instance IoT, machine learning, and big data.

Apart from this, one another trend of influencing the cyber security market size is growth in adoption of cloud-based services in IT securities. In general, all cyber security solutions are based on composite mathematical prediction models and deciphering from huge amounts of data. This handling of data & accurate prediction can only be fulfilled with rise in adoption of cloud-based technology, which is backed by Analytics as a Service (AaaS) for allowing users to find & mitigate uncertain security threats.

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