Improving Ophthalmologist to Population Ratio, Rise in Medical Tourists related to Ophthalmological Operations and Advanced Treatment Technology facilitating growth in the Ophthalmology space in Thailand: Ken Research

The COVID-19 virus has been understood to cause eye-related complications including the formation of nodules in the macular region, cranial nerve palsy, retinal vein occlusion and AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration)

Thailand completed the period for completing WHO launched Vision 2020 program. The program had 3 key targets including control of diseases that affect eye health, development of human resources and provision of appropriate technology and infrastructure

The King and Queen of Thailand sent a flight full of oxygen supplies & healthcare aid for COVID-19 patients to India. The cargo included 300 oxygen tanks, 200 oximeters and 70 oxygen generators among other medical equipment and humanitarian supplies.

Increase in Cataract Surgery Rate: Thailand’s state-sponsored Universal Health Coverage Scheme has improved the Cataract surgery rate in the country, with statistics of untreated cataract improving for the better. The scheme has also played a role in reducing the contribution of cataract towards blindness in Thailand.

Mobile Eye Health Check-Ups and Treatment: Hospitals and clinics in Thailand have taken up measures to ensure remote availability of eye care and treatment services to rural areas in the country, especially in North and North-Eastern parts of the country. Mobile Ophthalmology vans equipped with diagnostic equipment and surgical facilities have been at the forefront of democratizing eye care in Thailand, with BanPheo Hospital leading the way.

Domination by Private Ophthalmology Centers: NHSO (National Health Security Office)-introduced Universal Health Coverage Scheme covers ophthalmological treatment in the insurance package, and private hospitals have been registering strong interest from patients for the state-sponsored scheme, especially for cataract surgeries

Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication “Thailand Ophthalmology Market Outlook to 2025 By Type of Consultation (Eye Strain/Aesthenopia, General Check-Up, Decreased/Reduced Vision, Allergic Reaction, Deformities of Eye/Eyelids), By Type of Surgery (Cataract, Refractive Error, Glaucoma, Retina Related Diseases and Others), By Region (Bangkok, Central, South, North-East and North) and By Type of Hospital (Single-Specialty and Multi-Specialty)” observed that Thailand is one of the comparatively better off nations amongst its South-East Asian counterparts with respected to eye health. In increase in the penetration of ophthalmological infrastructure in the country and advanced treatment technology has contributed to it. Government initiatives including the coverage of eye healthcare in the universal health coverage scheme have also improved the ophthalmology coverage in the country. Ophthalmology market revenues registered a growth of 3.6% in terms of CAGR over the period 2015-2020.

Thailand Ophthalmology MarketKey Segments Covered

Type of Consultation (Eye Strain/Aesthenopia, General Check-Up, Decreased/Reduced Vision, Allergic Reaction, Deformities of Eye/Eyelids)

Type of Surgery (Cataract, Refractive Error, Glaucoma, Retina Related Diseases and Others)

By Region (Bangkok, Central, South, North-East and North)

Type of Hospital (Single-Specialty and Multi-Specialty)

Hospitals and Clinics Covered

Rutnin Eye Hospital

TRSC International LASIK Center

Bumrungrad Hospital

Bangkok Hospital

Samitivej Hospital

Thonburi Hospital

Metta Pracharak Hospital

Vichaiyut Hospital

Thainakarin Hospital

Top Charoen Eye Center

Key Target Audience

Single-Specialty Hospitals and Clinics

Multi-Specialty Hospitals


Ophthalmology Associations

Medical Universities and Colleges

Health Ministry of Thailand

Time Period Captured in the Report:-

Historical Period: 2015-2020

Forecast Period: 2020-2025

Key Topics Covered in the Report

Ophthalmology Healthcare Infrastructure in Thailand

Government Initiatives to Promote Superior Eye Care in Thailand

Revenue Sources for an Ophthalmology Facility

Ophthalmology Business & Operating Landscape of SEA Countries: Comparison with Thailand

Regional Analysis of Ophthalmology in Thailand

Common Eye Ailments & Surgeries in Thailand

Technological Innovations in the Ophthalmology Field in Thailand

Infrastructural & Ophthalmological Ecosystem Challenges & Solutions

Mapping the Impact of the Pandemic on Ophthalmology in Thailand

Investment Model for Setting up an Ophthalmology Clinic in Thailand

Competition Landscape

Projected Clinic Landscape for Ophthalmology in Thailand

Optimizing Existing Ophthalmological Healthcare in Thailand

Launching an Ophthalmology Facility in Thailand

Potential Risk Factors for New Entrants & Existing Players

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Ophthalmology Market in Thailand

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