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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Ken Research is a market research company that provides strategic consultancy to help customers on critical business perspective: organization, operations, strategy, marketing, technology transformation, advanced analytics, mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance and sustainability across all industries & geographies. Using surveys in the market research allows collecting insights throughout the product or marketing lifecycle. Market Research Surveys assist any organization’s access critical information & features like desirable product or service attributes, likelihood of using a specific product or service, proposed frequency of use, effectiveness of marketing & advertising strategies, and the degree to which a product/service effectively meets the needs of a target group. Market research surveys also assist drive development of any company’s products or services, improve profit margins, facilitate strategic development, and help guide organizational change.


Customer Satisfaction Survey is a fundamental tool used by customer service teams to measure the customer’s overall satisfaction. This type of survey is basically a customer experience survey, which is used to gauge customers’ requirements and understand problems with products or services. It consists of two components: external customer satisfaction survey and internal customer satisfaction survey. The main aim of external customer satisfaction survey is to determine the customer satisfaction levels based on the categorization of Authority’s external customers. External customers included Licensees, suppliers, consumers, and partners/affiliate. Additionally, the main aim of internal customer satisfaction survey is to determine the extent to which employees are satisfied with services offered by other departments. To develop a customer satisfaction survey, there are two types of measurement surveys: transactional survey and relationship survey. Transactional survey evaluates recent customer transactions with business whereas the relationship survey focuses at higher, more emotional level, asking questions about overall customer satisfaction, repurchase the intent, and willingness to recommend the business to others. Customer satisfaction surveys frequently have transactional & relationship elements in the similar survey, so they are not reciprocally exclusive. Apart from this, online survey is a most common method of collecting client satisfaction data, which is primarily divided into two types: qualitative data (related to abstract concepts like emotions and expressions) and quantitative data (quantified and used to generate statistical reports).

Customer Satisfaction Survey reveals lots of valuable information. Some important benefits are provide data on inactive leads, reveal company/product/service weak points, provide information to improve the customer targeting, identify most loyal customers and makes them dedicated to our brand, offer insight into improving conversion rates, reveal customer engagement levels to improve retention and provide data on product or service customer satisfaction etc.

Our customer satisfaction survey uses best-practice metrics like Customer Effort Score (CES), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and other key performance indicators (KPIs). Our Customer Product Satisfaction Survey encourages our clients & customers to give you critical feedback on important business issues such as pricing, customer service satisfaction, overall satisfaction, timeliness of delivery, interest in new product & services, brand perception, product-specific satisfaction, return & exchange process satisfaction and others.

We use customer satisfaction surveys to understand better how happy clients are with a certain product or service. Some important customer satisfaction surveys that lead to better business include product satisfaction survey, customer support satisfaction survey, sales satisfaction survey, event satisfaction survey, website & checkout satisfaction survey and overall satisfaction survey.

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