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Electronic Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are specific building block of most-modern electronic devices. PCBs comprise of printed pathways that connect different components on the PCB for instance transistors, Programmable Logic Controller (PLCs), resistors, electrolytic capacitors and integrated circuits. PCB is used in various automotive applications including power relays, digital displays, antilock brake systems, audio systems, battery control systems, engine timing systems, and many more functions. Electronic PCBs are used in a variety of ways in the automotive industry and have changed the way that individual drive. Requirement for PCBs is increasing because vehicle owners & drivers demand more accessories in vehicles. PCBs are used in car or truck must be highly reliable & long-lasting.

Printed circuit boards are used in many automotive applications like safety & security features, anti-lock brake systems, control engines, ECU systems and GPS navigation systems. Electronic PCBs can be programmed to perform many system essential commands irrespective of their sizes.

Referring to study, Global Electronic Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Market Status (2015-2019) and Forecast (2020-2024) by Region, Product Type & End-Use the renowned companies operating in the global electronic PCB market include Daeduck Group, Young Poong Group., AT&S, Junda Electronic, Unimicron, Tripod, SEMCO, Ibiden, TTM, ZDT, HannStar Board (GBM), SEI, Nanya PCB, Shinko Electric Ind, Viasystems, Compeq, Ellington, Redboard, AT&S, CCTC, Shennan Circuits, Kinwong, Wuzhou Group, Aoshikang and among others.

By type, electronic PCB market can be bifurcated into rigid 1-2Sided, IC Substrate, Rigid Flex, HDI/Microvia/Build-Up, Flexible Circuits and others. The HDI/microvia/build-up segment is projected to witness higher CAGR throughout the forecast period. HDI PCBs have superior circuit density as compared to the conventional circuit boards. In addition, HDI technology allows the creators to place one or more components on both sides of raw electronic PCBs by providing multiple options. These essential features are propelling the growth of HDI/Microvia/Build-Up segment in the global electronic printed circuit board market. Additionally, by application, market can be bifurcated into automotive, computer, industrial/medical, communications, military/aerospace, consumer electronics and others. The consumer electronics segment dominates the global market owing to rise in usage of electronic PCB in calculators, large circuit boards, smartphones, remote control units, and smartwatches and among others.

The electronic PCB market is driven by rapid urbanization, followed by growth in consumer electronics sector, rise in living standards, increase in electric vehicles sales, growth in population, increase in disposable income and growth in production capacities. Apart from this, failure in the function of electronic PCB may impact the market. Moreover, growth in adoption of digitization & modernization in the medical sector is a leading opportunity for market.

Based on regional analysis, the North-America region dominates the global electronic PCB market owing to growth in technological advancements in healthcare devices and industrial automation across the region. The Asia-Pacific and Europe regions are predicted to witness higher growth rate as a result of rise in demand for high-speed data & signal transmission over the forecast period. It is projected that global electronic PCB market will be reached at rapid pace on account of advancement in automotive electronics, and miniaturization of PCBs during the forecast period.

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Global Electronic Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Market

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