Middle East Cyber Security Market Growth Demand Forecast and Analysis 2021

Middle East Cyber Security Market Analysis and Business Opportunities 2021- Industry Size, Share, Scope, Demand, CAGR Status, Key Manufacturers and Forecast by 2027: Ken Research

Cyber security, also denoted to as IT security, emphasizes on preventing computers, networks, programs, and data from unlicensed or spontaneous admittance. It entails network security, endpoint security, application security, identify management, cloud security, data security and infrastructure security. As the cyber threats have augmented at an alarming rate, security solutions have been obtaining traction, around the globe. Solutions likewise antivirus software and firewalls have augmented in complexity and proven to be proficient at safeguarding attacks and threats, likewise trojans, malware and phishing. The accomplishment of these solutions has led to speedy development of the cyber security industry, as employing technical defenses has become a standard best exercise in every enterprise.

Middle East Cyber Security Market Outlook to 2022 – By Solutions (Firewall, Intrusion Detection System, Antivirus, Identity and Access Management, Encryption, Data Loss Prevention, Unidentified Threat Management, Disaster Recovery) and By Region

Banking and finance industry is the greatest end users of cyber security software and hardware in Middle East. This is mainly owing to the high confidentiality of data that is being utilized in the segment. Cyber Security is such an essential issue for the banks to consider owing to any breach could undermine the trust that consumers have in the bank, and affect the future sustainability and profitability of the organization. Government segment has begun to advance the E-governance amenities in the Middle East regions which results in great requirement for the cyber security services.

IT and telecom and Oil and Gas are other end users of the cyber security in Middle East. Most of oil and gas refineries in the region are state owned and are of national importance therefore it becomes lucrative for foreign state backed hackers to disrupt their functions.

Cyber Security Market around Middle East registered a positive five year CAGR throughout 2012-2017. The market size grew continuously from 2012 to 2017. The growth was majorly driven by threat ascending from growing number of cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure which were of national importance. Technological innovations and growing aim on infrastructure development has also resulted in increment in requirement for cyber security. The cyber-crimes are one of the biggest concerns for the entities today. The number presents that the companies have to face a lot of loss which are in both tangible as well as intangible form.

By region, the Central Middle East region is the greatest market for cyber security products which registered for majority of the market share during 2017, swiftly followed by Western and Southern part. Great number of cyber-attacks over the years and speedy digitalization are the major cause behind the growth around the region.

The developers of cyber security products in Middle East sell their proposing to end users through distributors and system integrators. At Ken Research, the report focuses on discussing the competitiveness of both foremost developers as well as system integrators exist in the market. The market is registered by major global players although entrance of some other players has resulted in modification of market dynamics. The report also illuminates the parameters to discriminate one competitor from others and measures through which each company can be evaluated from the perspective of end users.

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Moreover, the market for cyber security in the region is predicted to augment by double digit CAGR. This market will be primarily propelled by sale of firewall and intrusion detection devices which will obtain most of the market share respectively. The market will commonly grow owing to requirements of network security which most of the enterprises fell as the basic inevitability in today’s ever growing cyber threat landscape. Central and Western region will propel majority of requirement in the near future majorly due to diversification of economy in countries as well as digitalization of prevailing infrastructure. Cloud security is one technology which will have a wide impression on the market.

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