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Ken Research offers a supple work pattern to bargain effective and customized solutions to countless clients based on their diverse requirements, whether continuous or propelled by ad-hoc research projects. We understand that the demands of every client are unique and vary over time, propelled by business dynamics, changes triggered by precise events and changes in the external market environment, etc. We build an Project based Engagement Model that matches the desires of our customers with a promise of distributing high quality products. The company ensures that our clienteles can focus more on their core business, progress customer relations and enlarge their customer base. This tends to engender a high return on investment to our clients and delivers them a complete level of satisfaction. Another advantage of our participation models is that clients have greater control and convenience to quickly increase or deduct their team size using our services in proportion to their business need.

Customized Research Report Services

Customized Research Report Services

Ken Research attends as an extended research team for the client, conveying the services across the spectrum, right from topics such as data management to widespread topics such as financial and investment research services. We propose the complete flexibility to the client to engage our resources completely for their projects. This model is ideally suitable for clients in the business of financial services and consulting that have a stable flow of research work, that they could outsource and to corporate clients that have demands for a ready team to handle their investor connected services without adding fixed costs, as well as support their fund hovering program

Ken Research offers a larger amount of flexibility to our clients by enabling them to ramp up the size of their outsourced team dependent upon their flow of projects, work pressure, deadlines which won’t disturb the fixed cost component of their complete operating expenses. Our Long-Term Solution Based Engagement Model is usually preferred by clients that have a changeable workflow and require on-demand support on a repeated basis.

Ken Research also suggests custom capacity allocation based on clients’ detailed requirements. Project-Based Model is most well-matched for clients that have one-time requirement for research or business services sustenance as well as for those who cannot forecast work requirements in the instantaneous term but are sure of specific demands that require analyst support. Such one-off projects directed for the client generally spans from a few days to a couple of months.

The Project-based Model is classically a Fixed Price Arrangement. A well-defined scope of the project is arranged, shared and agreed upon. Ken Research functions with the client to define delivery and milestones and monitoring approaches. Project deliverables, timelines and resource employment are pre-defined. Hence this is measured to be a low-risk model for both the customer and Ken Research.

Ken Research bears all risks for project delivery and accepts complete leadership and control of the project on behalf of the clients. We can work out other appropriate engagement models if required. Please contact us today to discuss more on this.

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