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Ken Research allows other research-based companies to publish their press releases on its highly equipped news and media platforms, which helps other market research-based companies to achieve higher generation of the leads on their reports published. The press releases will be uploaded on the multiple platforms which will ensure the distribution of these press releases to an extensive range of news, financial and business media outlets.

Our company also provides an option of Paid and Free Press Release Submission Service which will help in tagging your existing articles or press releases to the other industry related contents and which will be circulated to multiple industry opinion frontrunners that are unique visitors to our platform. This helps the clients to achieve higher number of leads on the reports articles which has been published and provides the better scope for the sales team to close or convert larger number of potential leads into the successful sales, which eventually helps the business to grow and achieve the desired target of the overall company.Top Free Press Release Submission Sites

Ken Research also offers expertise on uploading or promoting the content on various industry-oriented pages or portals, where the company representatives, Journalists, or broadcasters generally try to look for more recent updates on multiple sectors across the geographies. The distribution through our press release would bring in more viewership and added traction to your content. Additionally, it also helps the company in building a brand by publishing paid press release as the articles through are being directly read by multiple industry experts and gauge their attention and in this way, it also attracts higher number of industry experts towards your company’s website and helps in building a brand in terms of offering quality reports about the several industries.

Moreover, our company also helps its clients in doing the press release distribution via publishing their press releases on our website, which will be further syndicated to a wide range of media channels and partners. This service offers a high probability of press release to be picked up by several news outlets and get it published or featured on their platform. This way it helps generating a huge traction to the research content posted on our websites as well. In addition to this, Ken Research’s website has a global ranking of 50K and an India rank of 6K, also currently our company’s website is receiving about more than 100K visitors per month which allows the clients to totally trust our services in terms of opting for making press release distribution on our company’s website and rest assured for the best possible lead generation results.

However, we also provide an option of the paid distribution as well to the clients who wanted to get their articles directly featured on to multiple sources to get higher response or leads on their articles in a short span of time.

Lastly, ken research not only helps its clients in achieving their business growth but it also ensures that the client is satisfied with the services provided by us and we also have a survey mechanism where we also seek the client NPS score for all the services offered to a client to enhance our services and make sure that the client requirements are fulfilled.

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