Catering Services Market is predicted to Propel Owing to High Presence of Global Players: Ken Research

Catering service contractors are service providers well-known to supply refreshments and food as a part of service to countless workplaces such as medical institutions, industrial events, educational institutions, and several other such commercial organizations. The propose services to some special events such as anniversaries, parties, weddings, and receptions. The market of catering and food service contractors is augmenting significantly owing to the comfort and ease of services proposed to the customers.

Jordan Catering services market has augmented at low growth rate. The foremost end users of Jordan catering service are hotels, event management companies and individuals. Some of the foremost growth drivers are amendment of western culture, modification in consumer preference of food, industrial growth and aim on education sector by the government. The key challenges for the catering service providers in Jordan are shortage of capital, limited warehousing amenities and high employee turnover. The hotel catering market is abstemiously competitive. Airline catering, Government and Defense catering segment has less than 3 players while event catering is an extremely competitive segment. School and Industrial catering sector sectors each has around 5 key players.

Based on the segmentation, the catering services market is classified into event catering, government/defense catering, industrial catering, airline catering and school catering. Whereas, the airline catering market is relatively small as associated to above mentioned segments propelled by monopoly competition with the existence of single player. Growth in inflow of tourist is the single most noteworthy factor causing the growth of this sector.

Whereas, the contracts included in these types of catering are commonly long-term contracts. The growth of industrial catering market is synchronous with the growth of industrial sector in the country. The influx of foreign investment in industrial sector is the main reason for growth for the industrial catering service in Jordan.

Furthermore, the global catering services market is propelled by the present food safety-related incidents, owing to which the FDA has come up with strict and tighter norms and regulations for observing the quality and standards of food being served. Thus, along with the worldwide concern for food safety, it is also propelling the demand for outsourcing catering services, further improving the global catering services market.

The market is led by Europe and North America regions owing to the high existence of global players and specialised service providers. The industry has met high market maturity in the western European countries, like the United Kingdom, France, and Hong Kong. However, the industry is projected to have a high potential for growth in the Middle Eastern regions, China, India, Canada, Japan, Mexico, and Australia. The low maturity regions are the key parts of Asia, Africa, and Latin America, which are expected to observe a healthy growth during the coming years. Therefore, it is predicted that during the near period the market of catering services will augment more proficiently over the review period.

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