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What is a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Customer Surveys come in all shapes and sizes. They generally range from 5 to 10 questions (shorter won’t provide you enough insight, lengthier will take too much of the customer’s time) about your product/service, the customer’s personal experience, and his/her complete satisfaction with what you carry them. Customer satisfaction research can be a digital form you send your guests after they continued at your hotel or your users after their free trial has finished, or a written form you fill after you’ve eaten at the restaurant.

They can be self-serviced (as the cited forms) or applied by a team member or specialized company in individual or over the phone. The general determination of customer satisfaction surveys is to measure how satisfied your customers are with dissimilar aspects of your product/service. Recognizing unhappy customers is as imperative as recognizing extremely happy ones (potential advocates).

How do customer satisfaction surveys work?

As cited earlier, these surveys take dissimilar forms, particularly these days when companies are concerned with tailoring their customer feedback questions to the realities and conditions of their clients. Therefore, there are numerous forms of surveys and they work contrarily. However, despite these disparities, all customer surveys have one thing in common – their function. The objective of every form of these surveys is to determine and ultimately advance the customer satisfaction. In the end, no matter what forms they take, this is their goal.

Reasons why you should measure customer satisfaction

Usually, small start-ups ignore operating with feedback or merely do not know when and how to do it. However, finding out the real viewpoint about your product or service is of efficient importance for the company’s growth. You can measure customer satisfaction in several fields and evaluate any segment of your work. Later, you can analyse the answers and work on difficult issues.

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Here are few main reasons to measure the customer satisfaction:

  • Satisfaction index can forecast future sales – If a customer is satisfied with a product or service, they are more probable to purchase it again. Hence, you can predict what will be in require in the next countless months and even during the longer term.
  • Evaluate your success – It is always good to know what makes you stand out in assessment with other companies on the market. It functions well for team spirit and encourages your employees to continue their efficient job. However, authentic feedback will also show your weak points, which means that you know what has to be advanced and developed.
  • Set up new goals and develop new ideas – Sometimes customers’ feedback can show the real requirements of your target group and what is in require nowadays. They might be interested in a new product or service which you (or even anyone!) do not deliver but it could be a new niche for your business. There can also be ideas which accumulate well with your present proposal.
  • Customer satisfaction correlates with the company’s profit – Customers’ opinion is very imperative for forming your brand’s picture and it affects your sales revenue. Negative feedback should never be unnoticed because it can easily destroy a company’s picture construct over the years. A happy customer will come back and will even bring fresh customers. More clients bring you more sales, therefore, more profit. It is as modest as that.

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