Business Opportunity in India Semiconductor Market: Ken

Indian Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~20% in between FY2022-2027: Ken Research

Expansion of Manufacturing Plants:

Companies are setting up manufacturing plants in India. International semiconductor consortium (ISMC), a joint venture between Abu Dhabi-based Next Orbit Ventures and Israel’s Tower Semiconductor, plans to invest Rs 22,900 crore ($3 billion) in a chip fab. In May 2022, it signed an agreement with the Karnataka government to set up an Electronics Manufacturing Cluster over 150 acres of land in Kochanahalli Industrial Area.

The Indian Government has been promoting SPECS to help offset the disability for domestic manufacturing of electronic components and semiconductors in order to strengthen the electronics manufacturing ecosystem in the country.

India Semiconductor Market

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Ease of Market Entry:

There is a lot of scope for new players to enter. This is because of untapped potential, favourable government incentive plans and schemes. It is expected that competition in the market will continue to increase as existing competitors improve or expand their product offerings and as new companies enter the market.

Adoption of 5G network and AI

With increasing internet penetration from 35% in 2016 to ~50% in 2021 and adoption of smart devices are contributing to the semiconductor market growth. The electronics system design manufacturing market is the fastest growing industry in India. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the development of intelligent hardware or software that can copy human activities like learning and problem-solving. Semiconductors are expected to play an important role in the AI opportunity’s acceleration.

Demand from end-user Industries:

The huge demand for semiconductors from end-user industries like industrial machinery, automobiles, telecommunication equipment, office automation, among others for computing purposes is expected to accelerate the growth of the semiconductor market in the coming years.

 The publication titled India Semiconductor Market Outlook to 2027- Driven by increasing demand by end user industries and increasing adoption for smart devices provides a comprehensive analysis of the semiconductor industry by analyzing historical statistics and corresponding developments in the semiconductor market. The market growth declined during COVID as it impacted the workforce and operations, the operations of the customers, and those of the respective vendors and suppliers. Given the consolidated competition structure in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, analysts have elaborated on competitive landscape of major manufacturing players on the basis of business model and operational parameters. The report also covers a snapshot on the players business model, value chain analysis, growth drivers, Porters 5 forces analysis, impact of COVID-19 and factors governing the future outlook of industry. The report also provides comprehensive insight on the market size and segmentation of the industry. The report highlights the pain points of the semiconductor manufacturing industry along with detailed company profiles of major players in India. The report concludes with projections for future industry market size, market segmentations and analyst take on future market scenario.

Key Segments Covered in Indian Semiconductor Market

  • By Type of Semiconductors



  • By Type of Design


Embedded Software

Electronic Design Automation

  • By Region





  • By Type of Application




Consumer Electronics


  • By Type of Distribution Channels



  • By Type of Distributors



Time Period Captured in the Report:

  • Historical Period: FY 2017-2022
  • Forecast Period: FY 2023F-2027F

Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry Players





Texas Instruments

Saankhya Labs

Key Topics Covered in the Report

  • Ecosystem of Semiconductor Industry
  • Business Lifecycle and Value Chain Analysis Semiconductor Industry
  • Market Overview of Semiconductor Industry
  • Market Size of Semiconductor Industry
  • Market Segmentation of Semiconductor Industry by type of semiconductors, type of design, type of application, type of region, type of distributors, type of distribution channel
  • Competitive Scenario of the Semiconductor Industry
  • Issues and Challenges in Semiconductor Market
  • Trends and Developments in the Semiconductor Industry
  • Porter’s Five Forces analysis of the Semiconductor Industry
  • Growth Drivers of Semiconductor Industry
  • Challenges and Restraints in the Semiconductor Industry
  • Government Rules and Regulations in the Semiconductor Industry
  • Impact of Covid-19 on Semiconductor Industry
  • Future Market Size of Semiconductor Industry
  • Future Market Segmentation of Semiconductor Industry by type of semiconductors, type of design, type of application, type of region, type of distributors, type of distribution channel
  • Analyst Recommendations
  • Research Methodology

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India Semiconductor Market Major Players

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