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What is Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

NPS, short for net promoter score, is the matric that companies utilize to measure the customer experience and satisfaction. The major advantage is that it presents how well you are functioning in the eyes of your consumers. What’s more, it enables you to benchmark yourself against your competitors and monitor how efficient your customer-facing decisions are.

How does it work?

Net promoter score is represented as a numerical score, which can vary anywhere from -100 to +100. When the consumers are provided a speedy survey to fill in, they can rate (on a scale of 0 to 10) how probably they are to recommend a brand, product or service to a friend or colleague.

Respondent whose feedback or responses average from 0 to 6 are measured to be ‘detractors’, who won’t encourage your company and may even talk about you negatively to their friends and colleague. But if they score an average of 9 to 10, then they are ‘promoter’ who are probable to be fantastic advocates for your product, brand or service.

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5 essential strategies to develop NPS

  • Associate with the detractors: There is a cause for the detractors to feel the manner they do about your product or service. Tap into them and understand what went mistaken in their experience with your brand. Conduct the root-cause analysis and generate a list of action items that will advance the customer experience immediately. Because the detractors feel so sturdily about what can be advanced, they can be an efficient source of empowering ideas. Keep in touch with your unsatisfied consumers and once you succeed in encountering their predictions, conduct net promoter survey.
  • Keep your promoters involved: While detractors require your immediate attention, even promoters require to be engaged as they are the ones who chose to be loyal to your brand. Their confidence comes with something amazing that you must have done to make their consumer experience unforgettable. Talk to them to understand what you did right and what can be enhanced. Promoters can assist you transform your product from good to prodigious. You can generate a customer loyalty program and reward your loyal consumers for continuing the relationship with you. You can also send them goodies and highlight their accomplished story as a case study.
  • Generate customer-centric teams: Everyone in the company, right from the procurement and manufacturing team to the customer assistance team, should keep customers’ interest in mind and work consequently. Improved customer experience advances the Net Promoter Score and the complete brand image of the company.
  • Make the brand promotion easy for consumers: It’s human to share bad experiences effortlessly but laze around when to sharing an astonishing experience. Make it rapid and calm for the customers to share their awesome experiences on the social media. Entrench links to social media in your surveys or propose the gift coupons and incentives for delivering the feedback. Involved customers are more probable to talk about their experience. So, keep the pulse alive with consumer communication, contests, surveys/polls, and, most prominently, answer their queries.
  • Associate NPS with CRM and business KPIs: See a bigger image of how even a minor development in the NPS score leads to decreased costs and better revenue. Analyse the NPS survey results in conjunction with your CRM data and track customer activity. Several leading survey companies like Ken Research proposes you the ability to participate your surveys with CRMs such as Microsoft Dynamics, and others. You can send a survey to your contacts straight from the CRM and view results on the dashboard. You can also view, equivalence, and filter historical data to understand the initiations that enhanced your Net Promoter Score.

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