3 Key Insights on US$ 55 Bn Opportunity in the Global Sugar Confectionery Products Market: Ken Research

The market is growing at a steady pace on account of the rise in demand for on-the-go snacks, the increase in gifting trends, the introduction of new products with innovative flavors & healthy ingredients, and growth in the retail market, the Global Sugar Confectionery Products Market is Forecasted to reach US$ 55 Bn by 2028 says Ken Research Study.

Sweets are sugar-based confections that are consumed by almost all socioeconomic categories. These goods come in a wide range of varieties, from individually wrapped candies to pricey goods in elegant packaging. The chosen type of confectioneries frequently varies by geographic region because of differences in regulatory norms and other considerations including economy, flavor, and customer desire.

Ken Research shares 3 key insights on this high-opportunity market from its latest research study.

1.    Flavour Innovations to Propel Market’s Growth Rate

According to Research estimates, the Global Sugar Confectionery Products Market – which was valued from around US$ 35 Bn in 2017 to nearly US$ 42 Bn by 2022 – is expected to grow further to more than US$ 55 Bn opportunity by 2028.

The market for sugar confections has steadily increased. Customers are drawn to a variety of creative sugar confectionery products as tasty delights and unique flavors. New flavor introductions continue to draw in new customers and confectionery connoisseurs. Many market participants in the sugar confectionery sector have decided to adopt new marketing techniques, create distinctive flavors, and use innovations to grow their businesses.

Global Sugar Confectionery Products Market Revenue Forecast

2.    Rising Demand for Organic Chocolates to Propel the Market Growth 

Due to the growing customer trend for healthier snacking, along with convenience and flavor, large corporations have changed their key business strategies. Since organic chocolate contains no additional chemicals that can have serious health effects, demand for it is on the rise right now.

As consumers become more concerned with their health and wellness, they are choosing chocolates that are vegan, organic, gluten-free, and sugar-free. As a result, numerous large confectionery firms are producing the newest, most inventively flavored chocolates in packaging that enables consumers to taste a tiny amount while saving the remainder for later. The demand for sweets made with organic ingredients is anticipated to rise along with the exports of organic chocolate.

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To meet shifting consumer demands, major companies are expanding their product lines by incorporating functional ingredients, tropical fruit, different flavor fillings, nut-based flavors, and exotic flavors into organic chocolates, which is subsequently accelerating the global confectionary market.

Chocolatiers Opinion on Increase in Demand for Vegan Chocolate in Belgium

3.    Price Fluctuations in the Raw Materials to Stagnate the Market Growth

Sugar and cocoa are two crucial ingredients that are mostly used in the production of confections all over the world. Due to the rapid changes in supply and demand for these commodities on the international market, sugar and cocoa prices have fluctuated during the past few years. Unfavorable weather conditions, crop diseases, labor availability, stock ratios, and other economic factors that impede the smooth flow of their demand and supply in the market have an impact on the yields of cocoa and sugar.

The average annual price of the raw materials changes from low to high as a result, which causes an excess or understock to be produced for the market’s sugar and chocolate products. Therefore, it is anticipated that volatility in raw material prices may reduce total demand in the years to come.

Sugar Price Index Worldwide

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Global Sugar Confectionery Products Market

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