Future Growth Of Indonesia Loan and Insurance Industry: Ken Research

Buy Now Socio-Economic Outlook Of Indonesia Indonesia is the 4th most populous country (270.6 Mn) in the world holds high potential for economic growth with >60% of its population lying in the working-age group. Easy & affordable internet accessibility has been driving the country’s preference for online platforms for shopping, bill payments, banking services, etc. Owing… Read More »

What Indonesia Online Aggregators can learn from Global Players: Ken Research

Buy Now A proportion of the population still relies on traditional sources of financing including banks, friends, relatives & other informal channels owing to reasons such as limited accessibility to banking services, lack of financial awareness, lack of collateral, etc. These reasons prompt individuals to look for alternative sources of financing options. With an internet… Read More »

Indonesia Online Loan Aggregator Industry Outlook to 2024: Ken Research

Buy Now The publication titled ‘Indonesia Online Loan Aggregator Industry Outlook to 2024-Compelling Incumbents to pursue growth via Product Development & International Expansion’ undertakes an analysis of Indonesia’s socio-demographic, economic, banking & fintech outlook; overall lending & insurance scenario; gaps in traditional distribution models filled by an aggregator (financial marketplaces); unique operating models in the sector, organizational… Read More »

UAE Online Loan Aggregator Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now Socio-Economic Outlook Of UAE With a population of 9.68 Mn as of 2019, ~70% of the borrowing population belongs to the age group of 30-50 years. A major proportion of the population resides in urban areas including Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah thereby driving the demand for financial products in the country. High… Read More »

Future of UAE Online Loan Aggregator Market: Ken Research

Buy Now COVID 19 Crisis Creating Opportunity in Credit Market As Coronavirus hit the world in 2020, whilst some countries took a slow approach to comprehend & dealing with the situation, UAE was one of the very few countries taking pivotal steps to minimize both health & economic risks in the country. However, as the… Read More »

How are Online Aggregators gaining momentum in UAE? – Ken Research

Buy Now Traditionally banks provided limited transparency on loan pricing & charges, making customers call up/visit bank branches just to attain basic loan pricing information. This gap was fulfilled with the introduction of the Loan Comparison website by YallaCompare in UAE. Loan Comparison websites facilitate comparison of credit options for multiple products including car loans,… Read More »

UAE Online Loan Aggregators Industry Outlook to 2024: Ken Research

Buy Now The publication titled ‘UAE Online Loan Aggregators Industry Outlook to 2024 – Driven by Shifting to Contactless Services & Easy Online Loan Facilitation’ undertakes an analysis of the UAE’s socio-demographic, economic & banking outlook; overall lending & retail lending scenario; gaps in traditional models filled by aggregator model; unique operating models in the sector, organizational structure… Read More »

Indonesia Car Finance Market is further expected to reach a Market Size of around USD 1366 Billion by the year ending 2024: Ken Research

Buy Now The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the Indonesia Car finance market including market evolution, market overview, market genesis, and market size and market segmentation. Extensive focus has been placed in quantifying the credit disbursed and a number of vehicles financed, both new and used. The report covers aspects such as market segmentation (by loan… Read More »

Qatar Vehicle Finance Market is further expected to reach a Market Size of around QAR 25.2 Billion in terms of Auto Loans Outstanding & QAR 9.6 Billion in terms of Auto Loans disbursed by the year ending 2023: Ken Research

Buy Now Captives & NBFC’s are expanding their auto loan portfolios at an increasing rate. Many Automobile OEM’s, especially luxury brands like BMW, Audi etc. have started providing loans with 0% down-payments to increase the sale of their vehicles. This has proved very effective for these companies and has driven the sale of these dealerships.… Read More »

Philippine Auto Finance Growth is Driven by Rise in Sales of Used Cars and High Financial Penetration Rate: Ken Research

Buy Now “While oil price in 2020 is expected to linger at a relatively high level, currently in Philippines, there are 28 firms engaged in the manufacturing of various electric vehicles. Complementing these companies are 11 parts and component manufacturers and seven importers. The industry currently provides employment to 14,840 individuals. As the government continues… Read More »