Auto finance industry has seen substantial growth in credit disbursement backed by accelerated population growth, vehicle sales and surge in financial penetration: Ken Research

Energy sector reforms impacting consumer demand:  The Egyptian Government undertook major energy sector reforms to address the power outages and re-establish Egypt’s potential as an oil and gas producer by reducing pricing distortions and arrears. Government initiatives impacting consumer behavior: Macroeconomic indicators have reacted positively to the energy sector reforms, which can be seen through… Read More »

Number of passenger car ownership in Malaysia exceeded the population in Malaysia and As demand for automobile rises, the demand for auto-financing rises automatically: Ken Research

High Car Ownership:  Malaysia has relatively younger population who are more enthusiastic about cars. Malaysia’s car market is very small with high ownership of cars in Malaysia. Malaysians prefer to own a personal vehicle rather than using public transport. Most of people start owning a car at an early age in Malaysia. Infrastructure Development Programmes:… Read More »

Rising Demand for E-Insurance Policies, Digital Marketing Campaigns for Awareness with Adoption of New Technologies had driven Singapore Online Insurance Market: Ken Research

Driven by Digital Disruption and Rising Technology-enabled Services in the country. Demand for E-Insurance Policies: Most of the youngster want to opt for E-Insurance, as E-Insurance policies are often way cheaper than offline plans due to the elimination of overhead charges and agents’ commissions online as the Commission charged by aggregators are very high, which… Read More »

Rising Auto Finance Aggregators, Flexible Models of Financing with Growing Digital Advancement and Government Initiatives had driven Philippines Auto Finance Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Rising Innovation:  Innovative digital startups such as are reshaping the challenging car shopping and financing process into a quick and easy experience for customers in Philippines. It is expected that these will create an auto finance ecosystem in which digital aggregators increasingly control the sales and financing process. Car dealerships are expected to increasingly bring… Read More »

Rising Automobile Aggregators, Increasing Customer Expenditure with Growing Digital Advancement and Government Initiative had driven Indonesia Auto Finance Market: Ken Research

Rising Automobile Aggregators: Innovative digital startups such as Cermati are reshaping the challenging automotive shopping and financing process into a quick and easy experience for customers by creating an auto finance ecosystem where specialized players occupy the various parts of the value chain. In the West Java Region, various big global car-makers invested in industrial… Read More »

KSA Buy Now Pay Later Market Outlook to 2027: Ken Research

How BNPL Market is positioned in KSA? The report titled “KSA Buy Now Pay Later Market Outlook to 2027- Driven by digitalization, government support as a part of Saudi vision 2030 increasing Genz & millennials population due to influx of expatriates coupled with shifting preference towards easy interest free extra credit line sources” by Ken Research provides… Read More »

KSA Debt Collection Companies | KSA Debt Collection Market Trend – Ken Research

Buy Now Overview: NPLs (Non-Performing Loans) by Saudi banks as a percentage of total gross loans have witnessed steady rise over the last five years thereby creating market opportunity for debt collection companies catering to the financing segment. Debt collection companies strongly prefer to resolve debt collection matters without going to court. However, all collection… Read More »

Debt collection platforms integrated with latest technologies like configurable dashboards, automated report generated & artificial intelligence for regulatory compliance is transforming the debt recovery process in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Ken Research

Buy Now Key Findings Increase in use of customer self-service (CSS) platforms offers tangible benefits, such as, lenders and collectors can get a single view of each consumer and their payment status, including automated follow-up actions and recommendations to streamline the collection process. As accounts are processed, they automatically move to the next activity based… Read More »