Global Industrial Process Variable Instruments Market | Global Industrial Process Variable Instruments Industry: Ken Research

Buy Now Industrial process variable instruments market comprises of sales of industrial process variable instruments & related services, which is used to control, measure, and record industrial variables such as pressure, vacuum, temperature, flow, combustion, level, acidity, concentration, viscosity, density, and rotation. The process variable instruments are used for indicating, recording, transmitting, measuring, displaying, and… Read More »

Growth in Automotive Industry Expected to Drive Global Automatic Environmental Control Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Automatic environmental control market comprises of sales of automatic environmental control devices as well as related services. This market comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing automatic controls & regulators for applications. Automatic environmental control devices include air conditioning & refrigeration, airflow controllers, heating and cooling system controls, and heating regulators. Automotive environmental control… Read More »

Growing Improvements Across Lightning Product Market Outlook: Ken Research

Lighting Products are all types of illumination that observe an incredible growth because of adoption of the recent innovated bulbs and lighting in households, industrial also as industrial sector. Primarily in Lighting Product Market, product phase is sometimes named as Standalone sort. Standalone sort covers LED Tubes & Bulbs, Incandescent, T8 LED Tubes & Bulbs,… Read More »

Rise in Preference for Recreational Water Sports Expected to Drive Global Diving Regulator Market: Ken Research

Buy Now The diving regulator regulates the pressure by adjusting the breathing pressure of gas used over diving. The most renowned application assists in reducing the pressurized breathing gas to ambient pressure and delivering to divers. The gas may be air or the variety of specially blended breathing gases. The gas may be further supplied… Read More »

Global LED Lighting Market, Global LED Lighting Industry: Ken Research

Buy Now How Is Global Led Lighting Market Positioned? Overview: Global LED lighting market has witnessed a rapid growth over the recent past. The market is currently at the growth stage and the growth is attributed to the increase in government interventions along with boom in construction industry in various regions. The LED penetration in… Read More »

Rapid Urbanization, Digitization, Changing Lifestyle & Consumer Preferences for Lower Electricity Consumption is Expected to fuel growth: Ken Research

Buy Now Heavy demand for new construction, rising usage in residential application along with declining LED prices will strengthen Asia’s position. Rising Government Interventions: Governments around the world have passed measures to phase out incandescent light bulbs for general lighting in favor of more energy-efficient lighting alternatives. Moreover, engagement by the governments of developed economies… Read More »