How the gap in India Career Skilling Market creates an opportunity for private companies/ ed-tech to thrive in India?: Ken Research

In India, the need for career skilling platforms among graduates and working professionals has been steadily increasing over time. The need for career upgrading platforms to make these graduates in India was underlined by the lack of comprehensive courses and career counseling at the college level, as well as disappointments from employers on the attitude,… Read More »

The Global E-Learning market is anticipated to exceed USD 400 billion 2027 – Ken Research

Competition Scenario in Global E-Learning Market In Global E-learning Market there are several players operating in the market, and top players account for a substantial share in the market in terms of revenue. The e-learning market is highly fragmented in nature. The major parameters on which these players complete includes course type, deployment model, Innovation… Read More »

Private Education in Malaysia is in its nascent stage but has huge potential to grow- How will Private schools grow? Ken Research

Private Sector accounts for 75 % of the total schools in pre-primary education market of Malaysia  1. Multi-Lingual Teaching-Learning Environment in Private Schools in Malaysia has made the Nation a Centre of Educational Excellence for K-12 Education. Level of private education in Malaysia: Click here Personality development, using Malay correctly, developing skills, practicing Islamic values… Read More »

Change in Delivery Mode of Education during COVID-19; Malaysia Private K-12 Education Market is growing at ~2% CAGR: Ken Research

Highly Fragmented market with top 5 players holding only 6% of the total market share, driven by schools shifting from traditional blackboard approach to integrating smart technology into learning environments. Strategies by Ministry of Education to deliver the necessary education to malaysian students during the pandemic. Education Strategies adopted by other countries: Click here MOE… Read More »

Menggeser kurikulum Belanda ke kurikulum Amerika di negara ini telah menjadi Langkah yang Dilakukan oleh Pemerintah untuk Meningkatkan Kualitas Pendidikan: Ken Research

Sistem Pendidikan Kedokteran di Indonesia: Indonesia dianggap baik dalam pendidikan kedokteran karena menyediakan lingkungan yang bagus untuk mengakomodasi siswa terutama Calon Internasional karena faktor-faktor seperti sejumlah besar sekolah kedokteran, infrastruktur yang baik, kesempatan kerja yang tinggi dan banyak lagi. Semua Universitas Negeri dan Swasta menawarkan Kursus Sarjana (MBBS / MD) sementara hanya beberapa Kolese yang… Read More »

Global E-Learning Market Is Growing At A Double Digit CAGR In 2017-2022 And Is Expected To Reach USD 400 Bn By 2027 – Ken Research

What is the Size of Global E-Learning Industry? The Global E-Learning Market is largely driven by demand for internet-enabled devices like IOT (Internet of things), growing need for strong workforce skills and significant demand for individual-focused learning experiences. Global E-learning Market is at a growing stage. It is a fragmented market with the presence of… Read More »

The Philippines government allocated PHP 692 Bn towards education sector improvement in 2020. Will the allocation justify the growth? : Ken Research

The government of Philippines plans to improve the healthcare infrastructure by allocating $3.2 Bn to the health sector in 2020, an increase of 12% from the budget for 2019.  1. “Private colleges in demand?”: Philippines has 81% Private Medical Colleges although the government is targeting specific regions to increase the vicinity of public colleges. Healthcare… Read More »

4 Key Insights from the India Skilling Industry Future Outlook, a snippet from a report: Ken Research

India is considered to be the 2nd Fastest Growing Freelance Market in the World. 1. Stronger Impetus towards Already Fast-Growing Ed-Tech Adoption among Working Professionals & Graduates in India Click to Read Article: Top players providing online teaching platforms COVID-19 accelerated Trend in adoption of Online Learning in India. education has changed dramatically, with the… Read More »