US Location Analysis Market expected to reach $7 bn till 2027: Ken Research

United States is one of the largest markets of location analysis across the world which uses it across various domains like healthcare, marketing, security, urban planning etc. to provide the best services to their consumers. Location analysis is an essential part of business decision making & providing innovative & value-based solutions have significant potential for… Read More »

Exclusive Study: How Gurugram’s Home Buyers View the Market: ken Research

STORY OUTLINE Gurugram’s strategic location and connectivity make it attractive for homebuyers. Proximity to workplaces and essential services is crucial. Property preferences vary based on budget and lifestyle. Gurugram offers a diverse range, including apartments, villas, and houses. Green spaces and amenities are highly valued by homebuyers. Modern features like security, power backup, and recreational… Read More »

Wondfo’s POC Immunoassay Analyzers: Revolutionizing Healthcare in Brazil: Ken Research

Wondfo is a well-known Chinese biotech company that specializes in producing and distributing rapid diagnostic test kits for various medical purposes. Wondfo reported a net cash flow of ~16 billion from operating activities in the year 2022. STORY OUTLINE With innovative “Nine Technology Platforms,” Wondfo drives point-of-care diagnostics, ensuring swift and reliable testing, improving patient… Read More »

How will Smart Parking Solutions for Australia help it exceed the revenue of $4 Bn in the coming future? – Ken Research

STORY OUTLINE Technology Advancements: AI, machine learning, and image recognition enhance the user experience in parking management. L&T Technology Services’ smart parking solution with AI capabilities streamlines the process. Acquisitions for Connectivity: FLASH’s acquisition of Ballparc drives connected mobility hubs and participation in the mobility economy, transforming isolated parking facilities into smart components of cities.… Read More »

Shopping Showdown: Phoenix Market City vs. Orion Mall – Which Reigns Supreme? – Ken Research

Orion Mall and Phoenix Market City are both prominent shopping destinations in Bangalore, India. Each offers unique experiences and features that cater to diverse customer preferences. STORY OUTLINE Orion Mall and Phoenix Market City are two prominent shopping destinations in Bangalore, offering unique experiences to cater to diverse customer preferences. Orion Mall, established in 2012,… Read More »