Australian Cold Chain Logistics Market: Growth Amid Challenges and Opportunities: Ken Research

The Australian cold chain logistics market is poised for growth, forecasted to reflect a CAGR of 10.3% by 2027. Storyline 1% CAGR Growth: Driven by domestic demand, government initiatives, fostering temperature-sensitive goods expansion. Sydney: Strategic Hub: Ideal infrastructure, proximity to markets, automation crucial, storage optimization paramount. 250+ Players’ Impact: Diverse cold chain landscape drives evolution, innovation, competition,… Read More »

IBM Security is holding a strong promising position in the US Security Testing Market; can it keep its dominance? : Ken Research

The International Business Machine Corporation (IBM), is a multinational technology company excelling in security testing with inclusion of protocols such as cloud testing, Iot testing and many more. With a market value of ~US $60 Bn, this giant has been leading this sector. STORY OUTLINE With comprehensive range of security testing solutions, the IBM Security… Read More »

Sculpting the Future: Unveiling Saudi Arabia’s Dynamic Fitness Frontier: Ken Research

Storyline Booming Fitness Scene: Saudi Arabia hosts 28+ organized and numerous unorganized fitness centers, driven by industry growth. Competitive Diversity: Fragmented competition focuses on price, facilities, training, and brand loyalty, varying across cities. 4Entry Hurdles: High establishment costs, land, professionals, and equipment deter new entrants, favoring established players. Evolving Trends: Emerging women’s fitness, personalized training,… Read More »

Global Cat Food Market Set to Surge, Eyeing USD 45 Bn by 2028: Ken Research

Story Outline The surge in pet insurance purchases reflects the growing dedication to providing high-quality products and transparent information about the ingredients used in cat feeds. The United States faces a concerning epidemic of feline obesity, with 60% of cats struggling with overweight or obesity issues. This excess body fat has severe consequences on cat… Read More »

Cooling the Future: Eurovets and Vakava Revolutionize Dubai’s Cold Chain: Ken Research

The partnership is expected to set Dubai’s cold chain industry on a path of greater sustainability and environmental responsibility. Storyline Eurovets partners with Vakava Technologies for sustainable cold chain solutions in Dubai. Innovative cooling units offer stable temperatures without external power sources. Cost-effective and eco-friendly, reducing carbon footprint in the cold chain industry. As per… Read More »

Future Outlook of Global E-Bike Industry: Ken Research

What Is The Size Of Global E-Bike Industry? Global E-Bike Market is growing at a CAGR of ~% in 2017-2022 and is expected to reach USD ~ Bn by 2027. The Global E-Bike Market is largely Factors such as implementation of government regulations to encourage the use of electric bikes, consumer inclination toward use of… Read More »

Logistics Evolution in KSA: Unveiling Vision 2030 – Breaking or Embracing Barriers? : Ken Research

In line with its ambitious Vision 2030, the KSA Logistics Industry is undergoing a visionary transformation to position the kingdom as a global logistics hub. Anchored by the development of Special Economic Zones (SEZs), an integrated transport infrastructure, and comprehensive reforms of seaports, the government’s strategic initiatives are poised to reshape the industry’s landscape. However,… Read More »