Massive Growth in Trends of Global Augmented Reality (Ar) Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now Augmented reality is a technology, which usages the current user’s environment and overlaps the digital or virtual content or data over it to supply immersive digital experience in real-time environment. Virtual reality could be a computer-generated 3D atmosphere that completely submerges end users within an artificial world destitute of seeing the real-world. Augmented… Read More »

Intensifying Insights of Healthcare Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now Augmented Realty is that the augmentation of a real or material world with a computer generated sensory input. Virtual reality on the opposite hand means that the simulation of a computer generated three dimensional environment interactional with none interference with the physical world. The key purpose of Augmented and virtual reality being utilized… Read More »

Rise in Penetration of Smartphones & Mobile Gaming Expected to Drive Global Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Market: Ken Research

Buy Now The Augmented reality & virtual reality are the key immersive technologies that help in visualizing the virtual surrounding by a device over a surface/platform. The augmented reality further helps in integration of digital information as per the user environment in the real time and using existing environment for overlaying new information. Moreover, the… Read More »