Pandemic Becomes a New Opportunity for Used Car Dealers in Thailand as New Car Sales Drop due to Buyer’s Limited Budget: Ken Research

Buy Now Key Findings One negative for used cars is the 7% VAT that’s added to the bill if the customer buys from a showroom or used car dealer, or use a loan to finance the purchase. Consumers are shifting away from traditional methods & increasing using online platforms for their used car buying/selling journey.… Read More »

Increased Internet Penetration and Availability of Multiple Channels Helps Increase the Sales of Used Car in Thailand: Ken Research

Buy Now Increasing Internet Penetration: There were 52 million internet users in Thailand in January 2020 Internet penetration in Thailand was 75% during the same period. As the smart phone and internet penetration in Thailand is increasing, the used car dealers have been able to increase their footfall. They are using digitalization to make market… Read More »

Thailand Used Car Market Outlook to 2025: Ken Research

Buy Now The report titled “Thailand Used Car Market Outlook To 2025 – Growth of Online Used Car Platforms and Easy Availability of Credit Escalating Industry’s Growth” provides a comprehensive analysis on the status of the used car industry in Thailand. The report covers various aspects including volume of used cars & market size, production… Read More »

Thailand Ophthalmology Market, Thailand Ophthalmology Industry, Covid-19 Impact Thailand Ophthalmology Market: Ken Research

Buy Now How Ophthalmology is growing in Thailand The population of Thailand has long been impacted by eye diseases including Cataract, Refractive Error, Glaucoma, Pterygium and Conjunctivitis among others. The country actually set its sights on 2020 and formed a Vision 2020 plan, to improve the ophthalmic care landscape in the country, and reduce the… Read More »

Improving Ophthalmologist to Population Ratio, Rise in Medical Tourists related to Ophthalmological Operations and Advanced Treatment Technology facilitating growth in the Ophthalmology space in Thailand: Ken Research

Buy Now The COVID-19 virus has been understood to cause eye-related complications including the formation of nodules in the macular region, cranial nerve palsy, retinal vein occlusion and AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration) Thailand completed the period for completing WHO launched Vision 2020 program. The program had 3 key targets including control of diseases that affect… Read More »

Thailand Ophthalmology Market Outlook to 2025: Ken Research

Buy Now The report titled “Thailand Ophthalmology Market Outlook to 2025 By Type of Consultation (Eye Strain/Aesthenopia, General Check-Up, Decreased/Reduced Vision, Allergic Reaction, Deformities of Eye/Eyelids), By Type of Surgery (Cataract, Refractive Error, Glaucoma, Retina Related Diseases and Others), By Region (Bangkok, Central, South, North-East and North) and By Type of Hospital (Single-Specialty and Multi-Specialty)”provides… Read More »

Thailand’s Growing number of Heart Disease patients with Improving Healthcare Facilities will drive the Industry Growth in long term: Ken Research

Buy Now Launch of Smart Health ID (patient administration cloud service) during 2018–20 under Thailand 4.0 increased digital penetration among manufacturers & distributors. Access to patients’ data to manage future demand of healthcare services and medical devices under Thailand 4.0. Expenditure on elderly population welfare in Thailand is anticipated to reach USD 148.5 Mn by… Read More »

Rising Geriatric Population and Healthcare Expenditure coupled with Growth in Medical Tourism has augmented growth in Cardiac Biomarker and Blood Gas Analyzer Market in Thailand: Ken Research

Buy Now Changes in Healthcare Scenario: Government Expenditure on Healthcare in Thailand has improved consistently over the last few years and reached USD 10.4 Billion in 2019 with a CAGR of 5.7% during 2010-19. The government made significant spending on Healthcare Development Programs in 2020 wherein an expenditure of USD 3.6 Million is made on Major… Read More »

Increasing Government Support and Innovative Strategies Offered by Service Providers to drive the Agricultural Machinery Market in Thailand: Ken Research

Buy Now More than 70% of the agricultural machinery sales were contributed by Agriculture Tractor in 2019. Agriculture share in GDP declined from 11.3% in 2013 to 8.9% in 2015 which further declined to 8.1% in 2018 due to which there has been slow down in the purchase of agricultural machinery in Thailand. Increasing Government… Read More »