In The Age of New Entrants and Digitization, the Indonesian Data Center Sector Is Expanding Rapidly: Ken Research

1. During 2021, the presence of 65 data center facilities in Indonesia generated revenue in excess of $1 billion To learn more about this report Download A Free Sample Because more people are using cloud-based services, especially in Indonesia, there is a significant need for data centers. Businesses are also beginning to embrace data-intensive technologies like… Read More »

Tinjauan Industri Pusat Data (Data Center – DC) dan Prospek Pasar Indonesia hingga 2026: Ken Research

Pasar Industri Pusat Data (Data Center – DC) di Indonesia diperkirakan akan mencapai sekitar USD 3 Miliar dalam hal Pendapatan pada akhir tahun 2026F: Ken Research Fasilitas Pusat Data kemungkinan akan tumbuh pada CAGR sebesar 7,5% dari tahun 2021 hingga 2026F Sektor Teknologi Informasi (Information Technologies) diperkirakan akan mengambil alih sector industri Perbankan, Jasa Keuangan,… Read More »

Indonesia’s Data Center Market is driven by the Increasing Investments, Upcoming Data Center Facilities, Improving Connectivity and Rising Internet Penetration: Ken Research

“Indonesia Data Center Market is currently in the growing phase driven by its large tech savy population and growing digital economy of the country.” Rising Investments and Upcoming DCs: Indonesia’s Data Center Industry is witnessing a surge in the Investments from local as well as Domestic companies. Global DC operator Pure DC has partnered with… Read More »

Indonesia Data Center Market Outlook: Ken Research

The report titled “Indonesia Data Center Market Outlook to 2026 – Growing Tech Savy Population, Internet Penetration Rate and Rising Number of Facilities to Drive the Indonesia Data Center market in the near future” provides a comprehensive analysis of data center market in Indonesia. The report focuses on overall market size in terms of revenue… Read More »