The D2C Market has expanded steadily, driven by rising Internet and smartphone penetration, an expanding population, and the expansion of online retailers and payment methods: Ken Analysis: Ken Research

~60% of the total population in 2021 (162,541k) under the age bracket 15-54 years supplemented by the high per capita income (USD 4,349.5 in 2021)  represents a huge potential market. D2C Market in Indonesia is <1% of the Total E-commerce market but will have a huge growth rate owing to the large target Audience, Rising… Read More »

Indonesia D2C Online Retail Market Outlook to 2026: Ken Research

The report titled “Indonesia D2C Online Retail Market Outlook to 2026– Driven by high smart phone and Internet Penetration, changing Consumer lifestyle along with the inclination towards exploring New brands and Products” provides a comprehensive analysis of the theD2C market in Indonesia. The report covers various aspects including the current E-commerce scenario and Retail sector… Read More »

Future Growth of Indonesia D2C Online Retail Market: Ken Research

Socio-Demographic Outlook of Indonesia With a population totaling around 270 million individuals, Indonesia is the fourth-largest country in terms of population size. Its ethnic composition is characterized by variety, in fact, wide variety, as the country contains hundreds of different ethnic groups and cultures. Demographic skewed towards young urban population; prefers the convenience of shopping… Read More »

Sustained growth supported by rising Internet and smartphone penetration, growing population, and proliferation of online merchants and payment have fueled the growth of the D2C Market: Ken Research

Spur in the growth of industry has made Indonesia the 3rd largest country in G20 after India and China and is expected to proliferate robust market competitive landscape for the Indonesia D2C market in the forthcoming years. Law of E-Commerce: Indonesia’s government introduced GR 80, 2019 in November 2019 aimed at providing legal guidelines for the… Read More »