Germany Mattress Market is expected to grow at a robust CAGR, owing to the increasing disposable income and the rising healthcare and hospitality sectors: Ken Research

Germany Mattress Market Germany Mattress Market is in its growing stage, owing to the increasing disposable income, increasing urbanization coupled with favorable government policies regarding real estate development and rising healthcare and hospitality sectors. The Mattress Industry in Germany is moderately fragmented with key players such as Inter IKEA Systems BV, Agro International GmbH &… Read More »

The Germany Mattress Industry has grown steadily in the last five years owing to the increased urbanization and growing healthcare and hospitality sector: Ken Research

The Mattress Market in Germany saw a steady growth in the period of 2017-2021, and the market is expected to grow at a robust CAGR in the forecasted period. Germany Mattress Market Overview: The Germany Mattress Market is currently at the growing stage owing to the increasing disposable income, increasing urbanization and rising healthcare and… Read More »

Mattress Market Growth is propelled by the Rising Consumer Awareness Regarding Health Benefits: Ken Research

Market Overview A mattress is a sizable, rectangular pad that is either filled with cotton, foam rubber, or coil springs. It is essential for providing the body with the proper support and comfort, maintaining spinal neutrality, and promoting sleep. Furthermore, it helps people reduce their anxiety, irritability, headaches, and stress, all of which are connected… Read More »