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The customer retention of Ken Research refers to the activities that our company do to reduce the number of customers we lose each month, quarter, and year. Our Company’s Customer Retention Strategy begins when we acquire another client and proceed as we build a stronger professional relationship with the client. The rewards of well-thought customer… Read More »

Develop Your Market Share and Promote More Sales Globally With Our Go To Market Strategy: Ken Research

When inaugurating a renewed product, welcoming a new market, or undertaking both, a go-to-market program will be crucial to the product and marketing accomplishment. While a corporate’s marketing proposal is a broad document that supports marketing ingenuities to the corporate’s high-level business goals and objectives, a go-to-market plan is more niche, designed, and developed for… Read More »

The Importance of Industry Performance Benchmarking | Ken Research

A go-to-market strategy is an essential portion of product creation. It well-defines how a business should extent out its consumers and obtains competitive assistance. It effectively ambitions on the market section that should be pursued, the channels that should be exploited, and the resolution that should be an advocate to them. A compact go-to-market (GTM) strategy can intensification… Read More »

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Go-To-Market Strategy: – When establishing a fresh product, welcoming a new market, or doing both, a go-to-market schedule will be crucial to the product and marketing success. While a corporation’s marketing plan is a broad document that aligns marketing initiatives to the corporate high-level business goals and objectives, a go-to-market plan is more niches, aimed,… Read More »

We Provide Industry Competitive Positioning Strategies: Ken Research

The product positioning refers to that positioning where your product/service fits in the marketplace. This positioning is a strategic exercise, which is used by marketer’s to determine how to best communicate their products attribute to their target clients based on customer needs, available communication channels & competitive pressures, and carefully crafted key messages. A successful… Read More »

Obtain and Unlock innovative Opportunities with Our Go to Market Strategy: Ken Research

Startups are manufactured upon innovative product launches, and they serve as important drivers of growth for surviving companies. An efficacious launch can reap massive rewards, but on the flipside, a disastrous launch can ruin your business. A solid go-to-market (GTM) strategy can escalation your chances of constructing your next product launch an accomplishment. Additionally, by… Read More »