Asia’s Thriving Live Streaming Market Set to Revolutionize Entertainment

STORY OUTLINE Indonesia’s live streaming market is booming, prioritizing user experience with localized features and compliance with local regulations for content moderation and copyright protection. Live streaming platforms in the Philippines cater to regional preferences, offering localized content and supporting social causes through charity streams and fundraising. Despite low internet penetration, the Philippines’ large population… Read More »

UAE’s Entertainment and Leisure Sector Soars with Strategic Makeover: Ken Research

The UAE and KSA are anticipated to lead extraordinary growth, surpassing the global Entertainment and Cinema Market. In response to increasing demands, Entertainment Avenue operators must creatively leverage advanced technologies like data analytics and predictive algorithms. STORY OUTLINE UAE’s Entertainment Industry Transformation: Innovative concepts and technology integration captivate audiences, driving impressive market growth of ~10%… Read More »

Asia’s Media Entertainment Market’s Bright Future by 2027: Ken Research

The Asia media and entertainment market is on the brink of an exciting and promising future. With its diverse and rapidly growing industry, the region has become a powerhouse in the global entertainment landscape. STORY OUTLINE Asian cinemas drive the media and entertainment industry, embracing technology and providing ample job opportunities. Asia’s online gaming industry thrives due to… Read More »

Asia’s Showbiz Spectacle: The Booming Media and Entertainment Market: Ken Research

The Asia media and entertainment market is a dynamic and diverse industry encompassing digital streaming, gaming, film, music, and more, driven by technological advancements and growing consumer demand. STORY OUTLINE Digital Content Dominance: Subscription-based streaming grows, original content invests, and regional curation expands, reshaping Asia’s entertainment market. Thriving Market Opportunities: Dynamic and expanding industry invites businesses to embrace… Read More »

UAE Entertainment and Leisure Industry: Soaring to New Heights with Projected ~10% Growth by 2027: Ken Research

In 2022, the Entertainment Market in the UAE experienced a significant influx of ~30 Mn visitors. Both the government and private sector have made substantial investments in entertainment facilities as part of a strategic move to reduce reliance on the oil-based economy. STORY OUTLINE UAE’s Thriving Entertainment Market: The UAE’s leisure and entertainment industry are… Read More »