Property Classified to make money via 3 primary means: accessibility of information, efficient transactions, & simplified management & control. Is Technology Inclusion also the Right Tool? Ken Research

The overall revenue contribution via online classifieds & listings in 2021 amounted to $ 61 Mn, says a report by Ken Research 1. Three forms of technologies: Blockchain, AR and AI in Malaysia are being adopted by startups, global corporations and the government.       Recent Trends in Malaysia Property Classifieds Market Inclusion of advanced technologies… Read More »

The Property Classifieds Market in Malaysia is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 32% by 2026. Will the projections justify growth?

With 170,000 properties for rent, 350,000 for sale and rise in virtual property tours, Malaysia provides lucrative opportunity for property classifieds companies, says a report by Ken Research 1.“Go Digital:” Before the pandemic began, buying or renting a home was virtually unimaginable; it acted as a catalyst for people to explore ways to expand digital… Read More »