Thawing the Cold Chain Conundrum: Can New Technologies Unlock a Promising Future for the Philippines Market? – Ken Research

The cold chain market in the Philippines is witnessing a remarkable growth trajectory, propelled by the increasing domestic consumption of meat, the burgeoning demand for Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), and the expansion of cold storage infrastructure. Nevertheless, this industry is not immune to the significant changes occurring in the market, including shifts in demand, supply,… Read More »

Philippines Cold Chain Market Growth 2022, Industry Share-Size, Demand, Emerging Trends, Opportunities, Key Players Strategies and Forecast Analysis 2022-2026: Ken Research

Philippines Cold Chain Logistics Market Overview: The Philippines Cold Chain Market has seen a comprehensive and a significant growth over the last few years owing to rising domestic consumption of meat and seafood, expansion of existing warehousing by companies and increasing government initiatives and investments. This results in high demand for low temperature control services… Read More »

The Philippines Cold Chain Market is expected to contribute PHP 22.3 Bn in the near future owing to rising domestic consumption of meat and seafood along with increasing government initiatives and investments in the sector: Ken Research

Philippines News Government is planning to increase infrastructure expenditure reaching approximately 7% of GDP by 2022. This is projected to positively impact road network for cold transport services. Most cold storages in Philippines are NMIS accredited. However, an uptake in the ISO and LEED certifications for cold storages is projected during the period 2021 to… Read More »

The Philippines Cold Chain Industry is driven by Large Scale 3PL Companies, for both storage and transportation with cold storage dominating the industry revenue throughout the years: Ken Research

Philippines Temperature Controlled Logistics Market Overview Government Initiatives revamping the demand: Since 2017, government initiatives have boosted the cold chain market in Philippines through formation of CCAP, infrastructural developments, increase in end user demand and entry of players or expansion of existing players. Additionally, increase in the share of cold storage market has been perceived… Read More »

Future of Philippines Frozen Storage Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now What Is the Scenario of Food Wastage in Southeast Asian Nations? As per Ken Research Analysis, The Philippines has the highest food wastage in Southeast Asia. The increasing population in the region, especially the Philippines is anticipated to augment the demand for food and beverages requiring cold storage. Cold chain sector is projected… Read More »

Will Automated Cold Storage be the Future Success Factors for Philippines Frozen Storage Industry: Ken Research

Demand for cold storages, especially frozen storage pallets in the Philippines offering a temperature range of -10C to -40C is on a rise like never before. Rising consumption of meat, seafood, ice-creams and processed frozen foods such as patties, fries, and nuggets among the millennial population have been some of the key growth drivers for the industry.… Read More »

Philippines Frozen Storage Industry Outlook: Ken Research

How Is The Philippines Frozen Storage Market Positioned? During the 1980s till 2002, Philippines frozen storage industry was considered to be in its nascent or emerging phase. Owing to the geographical location, the country experiences a high average annual temperature ranging from +21C to +32C. This results in high demand for low-temperature control services including cold and… Read More »

Philippines Frozen Storage Market is Driven by Growing Demand for Dining at Restaurants, Improving Lifestyle and Increasing Consumption of Frozen Food Products: Ken Research

“Changing lifestyles and rising urbanization in the country has driven the growth of frozen storage market in the Philippines” Rise in Dining at Restaurants: Millennial population in the Philippines actively eats at restaurants. Young diners have been observed to consume 1 of every 3 breakfasts, half of their lunches and a minimum of 4 of 10… Read More »

Philippines Frozen Storage Market Outlook to 2025: Ken Research

The publication titled “Philippines Frozen Storage Market Outlook to 2025-Driven by Growing Meat and Seafood Consumption and Insufficient Pallet Capacity to Tackle Food Wastage” provides a comprehensive analysis of the frozen storage market of the Philippines. The report also covers overview and genesis of the market, current industry size by revenue and pallet capacity, end-user segmentation and… Read More »