Dampak Pasca COVID-19, Penjualan Mentega dan Olesan/Selai di Indonesia mengalami Pertumbuhan di atas Platform Non-Tradisional yang disebabkan oleh Penurunan Harga: Ken Research

Penurunan harga minyak sawit akan membantu bisnis margarin meraih pertumbuhan signifikan dalam waktu dekat di tengah meningkatnya deforestasi di Indonesia. Permintaan mentega mengalami peningkatan bertahap seiring dengan peningkatan eksponensial dalam industri roti dan kebutuhan roti di Indonesia. Impor mentega dan Olesan/Selai terkena dampak penghentian perdagangan dari negara-negara Asia lainnya seperti China dan Vietnam. Pemain Utama… Read More »

Future of Indonesia Ice-Cream and Frozen Desserts Market: Ken Research

Ice cream and frozen desserts market experienced growth stage alongside witnessing volatile growth rates over the years. Retail stores and outlets prove to be the leading distribution channels for the ice cream and frozen desserts in Indonesia. During 2019 a survey was conducted within 5 major cities for around 2,500 respondents and Aice topped as a… Read More »

Future of Indonesia Dairy Food Industry: Ken Research

How Dairy Food Market Is Positioned In Indonesia? Dairy farming was introduced on the island of Java during the Dutch colonial era, when small herds of Holstein-Friesian cattle were kept close to the cities of Jakarta and Surabaya. Dairy farming in Indonesia still remains a small farmers’ operation with few cows per farmer. The majority of the… Read More »

Post COVID-19 Impact, Butter and Spreads Sales within Indonesia saw Growth over Non-Traditional Platform owing to Price Decline: Ken Research

A decline in Palm oil prices will help margarine business to gain significant growth in the near future amid increased deforestation in Indonesia Demand for butter saw an incremental increase alongside an exponential increase in the bread and bakery industry of Indonesia. Import of butter and spreads got affected by trade halts from other Asian… Read More »

Corona Virus will Increase Demand for Cold Storage Options therefore, giving boost to Sales of Cheese and Cheese Related Products in Indonesia: Ken Research

Since many consumers shelter in place, online grocery sales in Indonesia have dramatically gone up in the country. Processed cheese is expected to remain the most demanded type of cheese among Indonesians in the future. Amid COVID-19, the spreadable processed cheese segment and other processed cheese segment is expected to grow at a revenue CAGR… Read More »

In-Depth Analysis of the COVID-19 Impact on Indonesia Dairy Food Market Product Segments: Ken Research

The COVID-19 outbreak has been declared a pandemic by the WHO, causing a huge impact on people’s lives, families, communities, and businesses. Within Indonesia, the economic impact is apparent through the fall of the Indonesian stock exchange and Rupiah. Meanwhile, the government has followed certain countermeasures that were previously implemented by other affected countries; it… Read More »

Surge in Demand for Flavoured Milk Drinks in Single Serving Pack Sizes Coupled with Increased Sales of UHT Milk led to High Growth in Indonesia’s Dairy Industry: Ken Research

“The change in lifestyle of the Indonesian Consumers by adopting healthy and sustainable item choices is becoming more prevalent thus, leading to a surge in increased demand for new product variants.” Increasing consumption of milk coupled with a surge in milk imports has driven the demand for drinking milk products (for instance, flavored milk drinks,… Read More »

Indonesia Dairy Food Market Trends, Overview, Analysis, Revenue, Growth Rate and Outlook to 2025

The report titled “Indonesia Dairy Food Market Outlook to 2025 – Rise in Demand and Use of New Distribution Channels to Drive Market” provides a comprehensive analysis of the dairy food industry of Indonesia. The report also covers overview and genesis of the industry, overall market size in terms of revenue and sales volume, market segmentation by… Read More »