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How is the APAC 3D Printing Market Positioned? The 3D printing market in Asia Pacific was observed to be in Growth stage during 2014-2019. The usage of 3D printing is majorly happening for prototyping application. China contributed the majority of the revenue in APAC in the year 2019P. The industry is booming with companies expanding… Read More »

APAC 3D Printing Market Driven by Rise in adoption of 3D Printing for Production Application and Increasing Awareness of 3D Printing usage in New Industries: Ken Research

Increasing interest from many APAC manufacturing companies and growing government-led strategies and policies has helped different countries in APAC to create a sustainable AM ecosystem. China is the biggest contributor in the APAC 3D Printing market. The government is proactively supporting the industry. In 2017, the government issued the ‘Additive Manufacturing Industry Development Action Plan’,… Read More »

APAC 3D Printing Market is Driven by Growing Usage for Rapid and Functional Prototyping and Increasing Penetration of Manufacturing Industries in China and Japan: Ken Research

Buy Now “Rising usage of 3D printing technology for prototyping as it reduces the time required in traditional manufacturing, allowing a prototype to be fabricated in hours at a fraction of the cost in comparison with the traditional process have driven the APAC 3D Printing Market”. Increasing Investments in Asia-Pacific is Driving Growth: Government around the… Read More »

APAC 3D Printing Market Outlook to 2025: Ken Research

The report titled publication “APAC 3D Printing Market Outlook to 2025 – By Region (China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia and Rest of the APAC), By Component (Printers, Materials, Software, and Services), By Application (Prototyping, Tooling, and Manufacturing), By End Users (Automobile, Healthcare and Medical Device, Aerospace, Machinery and OEMs, Consumer Goods and Others), By… Read More »

North America Market Insights On 3D Printing Outlook: Ken Research

Each 3D printer generates the parts dependent on the similar main principle, a digital model is turned into a physical three-dimensional object by totaling material a layer at a period. This is where the alternative term an additive manufacturing comes from. The 3D printing is a necessarily dissimilar method of way of introducing the parts… Read More »