What is Digital Rights Management System and How does it work

Digital Rights management System– entailing audio, video, images, documents (such as PDFs) and software – have a value far beyond what they cost to produce. From archive video footage and sensitive company documents, through to picture libraries and licensable music, modern multimedia content will often be reused, remixed and republished. Consequently, those assets requirement proper… Read More »

What is Information Rights Management and What is Its Importance

Information Rights Management (IRM) is a form of IT security technology optimized to safeguard the documents containing sensitive information from unauthorized admittance. Distinct traditional Digital Rights Management (DRM) that smears to mass-produced media alike songs and movies, IRM applies to documents, spreadsheets, and presentations generated by individuals. IRM safeguards the files from unauthorized copying, viewing, printing,… Read More »

3 key reasons why a market research company should seek a digital rights management to protect their IP?

With the rapid growth of internet along with plethora of increasing number of file sharing tools at disposal, the market research companies have become significantly exposed to data misuse (breach/leak), illegitimate re-selling coupled with unauthorized share that give access to their copyright-protected data or work property. This leads to lost efforts and revenue loss, highlighting… Read More »