Top Social Media Research Companies in India: Ken Research

Social media research is a set of tools & techniques for extracting or analyzing data from social media channels and the internet that provides a way to study consumer opinions, thoughts, and commentary. These include cumulative social data related to definite events/issues and supporting analysis along temporal, spatial, thematic, and sentiment or psychosocial dimensions. Social media… Read More »

Social Research Organizations in India: Ken Research

Research is an effective tool to support and influence decision making. Those functioning in the sector utilize their knowledge and proficiency to deliver the organizations with the confirmation demanded to make conversant, confident opportunities. It is essential for all the forms of organizations, involving businesses, the government, and the third segment. Research is significantly utilized in a variety of dissimilar forms and it… Read More »

Social Research Services in India | Social Research Organisations in India: Ken Research

Social Research is a method widely used by the social scientists and researchers designed to know about the people & societies so that products and services may be customized to cater to the different requirements of the people. Social Research Companies in India aim different socio-economic groups belonging to the diverse areas of a county which think and… Read More »

Social Research Organisations in India: Ken Research

Social Research is different Social Research Agency in India carry out social research activity designed to learn about people and societies catering to various needs of people. Various socio-economic groups belong to diverse areas of a county that think and analyze the information differently. Many aspects of human behavior should be addressed for understanding thoughts and feedback about… Read More »