UAE Logistics Unveiled: How is Government Shaping the Industry’s Future? : Ken Research

In the dynamic realm of the UAE Logistics Industry, transformative trends are redefining its landscape. The surge in online shopping post-COVID-19 has propelled e-commerce logistics, yet challenges like traffic congestion, overreliance on road freight, and fuel price fluctuations loom large. Here, the government emerges as a catalyst for change. How exactly is the government taking… Read More »

UAE logistics industry is concentrated with top 5 players contributing about 50% of the domestic express revenues in 2019- How will the 3 growth drivers help the market become sustainable in future? : Ken Research

1. UAE oil and gas logistics market is driven by high contribution of exports to UAE government Click to Read Full Article: UAE Logistics Market The Abu Dhabi National Oil and Gas Company is looking to raise crude production capacity to 5 million barrel per day (bpd) by 2030. Enhanced production provides an opportunity for Oil and Gas logistics firms to… Read More »

Different Innovations And Growth In Trends Of UAE Logistics Market Outlook: Ken Research

Overview The Logistics market has been substantially impacted by the overview and usage of new technologies. Some of fresh technologies in logistics market are worldwide positioning system (GPS), order entry systems, warehouse management systems, transmitting communication system, the Internet of Things, automated transportation and comparable futuristic innovations, and transportation management system (TMS) amongst others. Although,… Read More »

Growth in Demand for Pharmaceutical Products in lieu of the Covid-19 and increase in E-Commerce Activity across ME region, will drive Logistics Market in UAE: Ken Research

Etihad Cargo has outlined its plans to focus on COVID-19 focused services, setting up a dedicated COVID-19 distribution team in anticipation of a vaccine for the virus. Its new specialized pharma and healthcare product PharmaLife, will focus on key gateways including Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, Chicago, Paris, Dubai, Frankfurt, Hyderabad, London, Milan, Melbourne, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore,… Read More »

Service Offerings, Network, Pricing, Feedback and Experience Serving Similar Customers are Key Parameters Considered by the Companies while Selecting a Logistics Partner: Ken Research

Expo 2020, the marquee event for Dubai in UAE has been postponed to 2021. The world expo originally scheduled to happen October 2020, has now been postponed to October 2021 due to the pandemic situation in the Emirates and the Gulf. The Dubai Logistics sector was one of the least hit by the disruption in… Read More »